Wind of Change

An uninvited warm wind stirs
the red dirt around my white leather
sandaled feet, it shimmers,
like the bronze on your highlighted cheekbones.

Alley Behind Our House

The best of friends, you and I,
our walks to school with only the blah-blah
on all those boys we wished would call
but only the Northern Mockingbirds back-chatted.

The country wind finally blew you
to the bedazzling stage lights in the big city,
traded over the star-filled country nights,
Did you forget, your mother’s birthday, yesterday?

She asked me if I heard from you
as I stood with nothing but a blank stare
before the nurse wheeled her away
down the long, dusty hall of her nursing home.

 ::: ::: :::

Inspiration: Day two, (yeah, yeah, don’t laugh 😆  so hard because I’m way behind) assignment from Writing 101: Blogging University June 2014.

Photo Source: Flickr via Kevo1221 “Alley Behind Our House”


Carpe Diem Distillation, haiku, inspiration

Distilling a Classic Poem: A Carpe Diem Affair

Since discovering Carpe Diem, a daily haiku inspiration blog site, the host, Chevrefeuille has opened a new writing form; one filled with deep richness unknown to me before and simply fascinating.

His recent addition, Distillation, challenges the writer to reflect on a classic poem – this one by Otomo Miyuki –  then creatively come up with a haiku to complete it. A little note on this classical poem,  Chevrefeuille writes:

“…this poem…[written]…after the Jinshin conflict (672),… Emperor Temmu…moved the capital of Japan back to Yamato Province…naming this new capital, Asuka.

Let me try distilling a haiku today.

Our Sovereign, a god,
Has made his Imperial City
Out of the stretch of swamps,
Where chestnut horses sank
To their bellies. – © Ōtomo Miyuki

Jan Davidszoon de Heem - Student in his Study

Eager mind gallop
Write stories from the rubble
History assignments

::: ::: :::

Remember when some school assignments needed much distillation?

A Ligo Haibun Affair – daddy walks free

daddy told stories of his youthful days – wild, carefree and perhaps, a bit ego-enhanced in his old age. anyway, our dinner chatter often centered on reminiscing –

his rendezvous meetings with wrong herds…brought trouble and many bitter encounters with his authoritarian father. managing like any hard-working herd dog, his keen father drove his wayward troubled son quick, across an ocean –
to a work-based, all boy, boarding school. it took time for the staff to settle
the boy’s rebellious spirit – angry, headstrong escape con artist he was, but…they did. must be the consistent discipline he needed to
train up a successful man.

i wonder why some things do not change as easy as the weather; sunshine one minute, rain, the next. daddy never lost his love
for cussing nor drinking, but he always brought home blankets of family provisions and abundant warmth from his love. he often said,
living in a nursing home would be the final choke hold to do him in.
mom found daddy one day
resting – flat-out, not breathing, on the back porch deck. mom thought. it would be you to give that last look with a good-bye…to the golf course. she is right, but not a farewell.
daddy walks a new game…

ruminating on
parting ways with memories
sets us free to live

::: ::: Written in response to the photo prompt offered this week in the Ligo Haibun Challenge.

Photo source: Ese’s Voice

Ligo Haibun Challenge- Pink Wine

This week, the Ligo Haibun Challenge offers two-words as the writing prompts: Oblivion Or Morning Glory

My morning glory hedge

Photo credit: Eliott Mason

I look outside. From my small kitchen window I see, heart-shape leaves running wild and thick over the rusty barbwire fence. Mysterious hardy-looking vines…almost a solid fresh green curtain with delicate splashes of vibrant pink flowers drawn across the entire fence line. I wonder. Morning glories-how long have you been growing here? I see your weak and flimsy plant stems pushing out those long, thin, curly tip runners. Your intricate twining vine designs give strength enough to climb through intense summer heat and lack of water. But you overcome the obstacle, as I should when life serves constant Pressure. I need neither setback or tasteless fearful dishes.

Some find no glory with this tenacious weed. I struggle now to turn away. The fault is with the ephemeral showy flowers that appear every morning; but disappears before nightfall. My eyes linger. Captivating flowering beauties. I want to escape Life…to drink up my longing and stay drunk on this sweet moment.

my hungry cat breaks the spell
pink wine for breakfast

Ligo Haibun Challenge: Miasmatic Haze

This week, Ligo Haibun Challenge offers two writing prompts: the Monsoon or Haze. Guess which one I went with…

haze in Gurgaon

It seems hopeless. An entire city, dying slowly under an unwanted heavy miasmatic haze. Zoom in. Vagrant couple, aged beyond their years, breathes deep the inescapable poisonous vapor insidiously moving like a living entity. Funny how bad air feels it has all the privilege and rights to own air space. But look, over there. The couple shuffles slowly to the shelter. Overcrowded. Again. An underpaid staff rudely points to another site ten blocks over. Fatigue and very hungry, they continue moving like a couple of Galápagos turtles; worldly possessions carelessly heaped upon their back. It is a yellow hazy nightmare. The woman glances back feeling handcuffed helpless. Her lover struggles daily with his constant hacking, night sweats and fevers. She wonders if the next shelter has food and medicine. If they do, she plans to him slip him her food ration and stay vigilant while he sleeps peacefully by her side.

obscure lung predator exposed
cough with bloodstain phlegm

A Game-Changing Invention: Wheels, minus Three Letter Words

Where would we be if some charming, brainy person

failed to think upon or simply rolled away ideas

about circular objects known as wheels?

Wheels–a very useful invention

–dating back to about 3100 B.C.

Certainly, loss of wheels,

or perhaps better known as, an automobile,

could only mean, relying on travel time either on crowded city buses,

expensive taxis, or, heavens…walking

–I fear using my feet power!

I admit my spoiled childish nature…

Oh, deep dark days, if called to be, without personal auto wheels.

Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful

–always each year’s list includes such things as cherished family,

friends…adding today, “my-life-is-terrific” with these inventions

–easily forgotten plows, to quite versatile, wheels!

Listen, lifeless would carnivals to state fairs be

without thrilling rides that work around wheel designs,

thinking mostly on Ferris wheels…

screaming, blazing roller coasters

–to dreamy, melodic merry-go-round rides 

my heart turns ecstatically grateful

many times over to

my charming wheel inventor–whoever it is!

* * *

Name a game-changing invention that deserves a grateful recognition.
* * *

Inspired by November 16, 2012 Daily Prompt: Write an entire post without using any three-letter words, this post includes many words; however, three-letter words should be completely missing from this text. Now I can absolutely say, Shakespeare was right…”Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I love all the three-letter words more that ever!!

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