Oh, Not Again!

“Mom, dad,” said the eager young child running toward the campfire with a jar filled with fireflies.

“Wow, cool nightlight, sweetie,” said mom, noticing her husband sitting apart from the family, distracted again with his cell phone.

“Honey, uh, who is that? You’ve been texting all weekend! Your daughter has something to show you. I thought this last summer camp-out would be strictly a family affair.”

“Sorry, it’s the office. Hold on,” he said without looking up.

Oh, god, not another, ‘What, you don’t believe me?’ line when I ask to see his phone, she thought, holding back her tears.

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Another week with Friday Fictioneers, the weekly photo prompt, 100-word story challenge that opens on Wednesday each week. Just saying, this was a tough write-up this week…the story started one way and ended totally different. Sheesh!

Happy September everyone!

Photo Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields





I hope you like walking, or we could jog . . .
if you wore the right running shoes,
mine has worn thin, so the former will have to do.
Follow me, but be careful
at the crosswalks
drivers have known to speed up
if you get my drift
their aim is to eliminate
the threat they see growing,
— across from the university campus
— In a public spot,
a menace like yourself, forced
to wear the ragged debt of student loans and
stains of unpaid bills which you can’t
launder clean
Don’t worry. I understand.
Park your van next to mine.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers. The 100-word weekly writing challenge that starts on Wednesday. 🙂

Photo source: Roger Bultot



Unforeseen Weather Changes

“Honey, what’s happening?” His wife whined. “I can’t be hanging laundry in this kind of weather and don’t blame me about our electric bill this month!”

Glancing out the window, the screenwriter effortlessly glided his fingertips through his thinning, almost white hair.

He watched the invading dark clouds, again, forcefully directing the incoming storm.

He sighed.

After thirty years of failed screenplays, the cursor key blinked for the last time.

Mi Amor,

Please forgive your loving husband.

I arrived at the dream but drove off halfway. In time, I lost my faith to keep afloat in the storm debris.


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Photo Source:  Kelly Sands



It’s Only a Matter of Time

At first it appeared on outdoor inanimate objects. Specifically, beautifully designed statues found in botanical gardens across the United States.

“It’s a mysterious situation, Boss. We tried scraping, using lemon juice and the never-fail, bleach and water rinse, nothing. It resurfaces overnight totally disfiguring the statues in the process,” said the frustrated groundskeeper.

“Well, have the crew continue maintenance,” said the boss, “oh, and the bad news? Hospital emergency rooms are now seeing hundreds of new patients suffering the same mustard yellow fungal-like splotches with the black spores that emit a strong urine odor!”

“Uh, Boss, above your eyes, I see crusty spots.”

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with hostess, Rochelle Wiseoff-Offields. It’s a 100-word story based on the photograph chosen for each week’s challenge.

Photo Source: Claire Fuller

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Find the Right Doctor!

It was her dream trip, yet, here she was, suffering, while her cruise ship companions toured the small fishing town awaiting the evening entertainment.

“Oh, doc! How much farther?” she winced, the excruciating pain increasing.

“Just a few more steps, Miss Pullman. This is an excellent facility with the proper equipment to help manage your sudden complications. Keep breathing.”

“I feel like throwing up,” she said before fainting.

Twelve hours later, local police identified the missing tourist’s body found in a white van, all her teeth removed.

The doctor pleaded guilty and admitted his fetish for wearing human teeth jewelry.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers, the 100-word weekly photo prompt writing challenge and the idea that your teeth may be worth saving  –  Disturbing Jewelry Made of Real Human Teeth and Hair by Dorothy Tan  🙂

Photo Copyright: Ted Strutz



Special Mission

“It’s the best time to witness His presence,” said the charismatic pastor arranging a Saturday, impromptu, start at sunrise, youth hike.

While parents fussed over backpack content and untied shoelaces, a dozen children anticipated wildly for the pastor to jumpstart the evanescent adventure ahead of them.

Yes, God. I understand, the pastor silently whispered. You need me to prepare these chosen little ones for your special mission.

“Parents, trust me,“ the pastor continued, “Enjoy your bible fellowship and let’s meet back at the picnic area around noon.”

Three years . . . The search continues daily for our missing children.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

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