Just Another Four Letter Word…

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This week: Join…GO…

join, five minute friday,postaday.icecreamIf I join a band, I would need to learn to sing…if I join a big crowd, I will feel like a fish-out-of-water…join me for coffee–I can do that. Join our club today and get ½ off your membership, hmmn, depends, is this a yoga club…reading club…fitness club? Never mind, got to keep going…join hands and let us pray…join forces, join the crowd, join, join, join….hands with the Divine One.

Wanna join the fun, just enter to win…join your friends…join an acting guild…join a prayer group…join john lennon and join our minds for world peace…wow, I just bombarded you with a four letter word…join me for ice cream? …STOP

What flavor ice cream screams YOU??

(i am chilling with yummy rocky road flavor!)


On Aphorisms: A Few Speedy Facts for the Dummy in Me

Sometimes a dumb thing is a thing worth saying. –Alan Dupont

Okay, this may be a dumb thing to say, but what the heck…how is it, one can go through life learning different words and its meaning, hear these words being applied orally or written, yet, one morning you wake up and realize there is a word that looks familiar but to define it accurately would take looking it up in the dictionary or for some of us, looking it up on the internet.

The mystery word I woke up to this morning was aphorism. I know you are as shocked as I am over this, *gasp,* awful, dumb discovery.

I admit not paying much attention to the word, aphorism, and yet I use them quite frequently when writing.  Plus, you now know, how I spent most of my early educational years paying more attention to the distractions in the classroom, you know, back when childish notes got scribbled on scraps of folded paper and passed over to targeted classmates. Today, the distractions are the same but the kids have it easy and landfills are getting less scrap paper to deal with as text messages are as common as asking for the hall pass to go use the restroom.

Nevertheless, by missing the vocabulary lesson on the word, aphorism, it can only mean one thing:  A quick, Do-It-Yourself, fix this problem, teaching moment.

Today’s speedy lesson on the vocabulary word:

Example of an aphorism.

–Photo credit: Wikipedia

Speedy Fact #1: Definition and trivia

  • Aph-o-rism: noun–a concise statement of a principle

also used as (aphoristic–adjective) or (aphoristically–adverb)

~Word first used around 1528

Speedy Fact #2: Historical Aphorists (and what they said…)

  • Ben Franklin–The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.
  • Plato–The learning and knowledge that we have, is, at the most, but little compared with that of which we are ignorant.
  • Socrates–To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.

Speedy Fact #3: Finding more on aphorisms

Speedy Fact #4: Pause for Feedback

Now, it is time to pause this teaching moment and see what is brewing on your mind on aphorism

Quick, before my dummy tries to leave the classroom, what aphorism or aphorist you think can teach this dummy in me? 


In Comes Silence

SUNDAY POST : Silence.

Silence came today…

Silence, love,poetry,Post a Day, 2012, Sunday Post, Writing,poetry,life,

–photo credit:flickr

to be close to the girl soon to be–
a grown daughter and the future’s hope
Yet, in this moment, a mother and daughter face–
Silence freely flowing between them both

No tears flow, only words–
Just a mother’s concerned words, questioning words, words…
From the mother to the future’s hope: the daughter–
Comes Silence…powerful, Silence

Future’s hope: the daughter, shuts down and goes within
Every question heard but not a sound–
the daughter remains with Silence
Somehow future’s hope: the daughter, has become skilled, a master with Silence

As time walked around with Silence in the room–
A mother waited patiently for the future’s hope:
the daughter to break free from powerful, Silence’s grip-
Not bad this time, for Silence left at three this morning

Mother and future’s hope: the daughter, drew closer again…goodbye, Silence


Silence can be used as a powerful tool by giving absolutely nothing for your opponent to grab hold of and use against you, or, silence can be used as a tool to journey within ourselves to hear the Divine within us.

Where did Silence find you today? As a power tool against you or a tool that brought you peace and inner reflections?

Thank you for sharing your time here today…

~May your week be filled with abundant peace, light and inner silence.