Lately, thoughts of Bliss
been messing with me
it’s making me curious and
making me wonder.
So, i’m starting with the dictionary 
on Bliss:
– One, complete happiness: perfect happiness
– Two, spiritual joy: a state of spiritual joy . . .

Well, if bliss were attainable,
in this lifetime,
I sure hope Bliss finds me

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Photo credit: Pink Sherbert Photography, D Sharon Pruitt

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Touch of Wonder: A Ligo Haibun Affair

Touch of Wonder

White Rose| Photo by

I remember the day. You asked, “Hey, you wanna come over? Dinner. Meet my parents.” I remember fear. I must have said yes. To that moment. You picked me up. Punctual as always – seven o’clock. As you opened the car door, you handed me a white rose. From my mom’s garden – you said. I smiled – said thanks.

We drove not too long to your parent’s place. I remember thinking, hoping, praying. Please let this be real.

Those silk roses – darn, they look so real. Some even come with dewdrops on their detailed etched leaves. I reach out, gently to touch your warm cheeks. In that moment, a faint fragrance from your mother’s flower beds rise up to greet me. Perhaps this delicate blossom is right for me to pick. I wonder. Should I?

touch of love
smooths out the wrinkles of fear
fragrant petals bloom

::: ::: :::

Written for the Ligo Haibun Challenge.


Flying With Angels

Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

~G.K. Chesterton

Angels fascinate me.

I often wonder what it would feel like to fly.

No, I’m not talking about flying in a plane or chopper. Let me draw a simple word picture.

I would like to be standing around, let’s say, at the grocery checkout line, be minding my own business, and attempting with all my might to focus on something productive. I read somewhere that the time we spend waiting in lines is the perfect opportunity to carry on a deep conversation with God.


So, in my mind, as I wait in line, God and I are talking.

Productive, right?

I usually ask Him to bless every person in my line and the cashier who will be waiting on me.

If the lines are super long and I’m still waiting, I keep talking and get as much blessings for everyone around me until I reach my destination.

Bless line 3, still waiting, bless line 4, still waiting and suddenly . . . you see me gracefully lifting off the ground!

That’s what I’m talking about!!  Nothing major. Just a couple of inches off the ground.

Simply levitating for a few minutes!

You know some people in history had this incredible experience, right?

Saint Francis of Assisi is one famous person recorded to have “suspended above the earth, often to a height of three, and often to a height of four cubits.”

Amazing, right?

Okay, some of you may think, well, has anyone seen levitation going on with any person outside the Christian faith?

Why, yes!

Nagendrantu Bhaduri was a saint from India who mastered several Yogic techniques and would enter into a state of “ecstatic calm” and then, levitate.

Well, what do you think? Possible, or are these just made up stories?

Hmm, I’ve got some ways to go before I learn to take myself lightly,so, perhaps it would be better if I just catch you if you happen to fall as you go out and enjoy a flight with the Angels.

Have yourself a simply charming flight!

I’ll be right here.