Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

I know you do not have an e-mail account nor tote around a cell phone so, instead, let me say thank you in this short note for the example you gave of what a loving, unselfish and generous mother looks like.

Because your faith is strong, I have strength to see through many of life’s big obstacles…
Because you see goodness in everyone, I have your positive outlook in life…
Because you believe in the power of prayer, I know the power of Divine love.

Because you blessed me richly, may you be forever blessed.

Thank you praying the Hail Mary prayer repeatedly while I grew up. Now this beautiful prayer is forever in my memory.

Your loving daughter,


Happy blessed Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere!

*Ave Maria featuring the beautiful voice of Mirusia Louwerse

* * *

Thank you and inspiration for this post came via a triple package:

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*Ave Maria in English:

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed are you among women & blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now & at the hour of our death, Amen.

I Am Thankful For…

Once again it is time to pay your taxes. Oops, wrong month!

Actually, it is not tax season here in the United States but rather, a special time of the year. On the fourth Thursday in November, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Traditionally, families and friends usually share time together; some to express prayers of gratitude followed by a thanksgiving meal that can be as simple or as elaborate as one chooses to make it.

For those without family or friends to celebrate with, or maybe experiencing tough financial times, many options are available. Many good-will organizations want to make sure no one goes without a thanksgiving meal.

For example, a local community church here recently had an early thanksgiving gathering last week that not only offered a free turkey meal with dessert, but the first 300 people received a whole frozen turkey–FREE!

How awesome is that!?!

Of course, lots of people showed up…parking became incredibly tight…The Crowded Lot
Not to mention waiting in line…but everyone had fun,  especially the church volunteers who helped cook and serve the meals.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day prior to the over commercialized Christmas holidays is actually a good thing. I love being able to slow down a bit to spend a least one day in the company of loved ones and naturally, eating my favorite meal: roasted turkey with lots of stuffing, gravy and large scoops of cranberry sauce!

Since I usually eat and eat and eat, leaving me completely lethargic and useless, I am thinking ahead this year.

Here are my top five inventions I am so grateful for…
1. Cell phone–this is my memory part of my brain…if I leave home without it, or–don’t say it–misplace it, this could activate instant meltdown and total body failure!
2. Internet–no words needed…you and I both know this invention has revolutionized the world.
3. Light bulb–I so love my light source!
4. Refrigeration–Thanking the person who invented this neat appliance…a cool place for all the leftovers and expired bottles of whatever(s) to hang together in one spot…
5. Washer/dryer–I love doing laundry since these modern appliances make it so easy!Washing Machine

No longer a chore but crazy fun! You know it is an obsession when you actually go out and hunt down dirty laundry just to run the machines!

If you are wondering why I did not list my car, well, I figure you all know how deeply grateful I am for my wheels. Absolutely grateful.

I could go on and on because, truly, my life has been abundantly blessed, but for now, my prayers of gratitude focuses on the simply charming top five inventions.

So, what are your top five inventions you are absolutely grateful for this season?

* * *

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Spooky Celebration…Eat, Drink and be Scary!

“Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days.” ~Unknown

the Halloween witch

now is my time to make merry…eeeeeEEE

If you find yourself suffering from any sort of hang ups…

skeleton hanging


Then your only hope is to remove your eyeballs; stash it in some beetle juice,

The eyeballs swimming.

Er, anyone seen my contacts?!?

Head on over for a drink or two…

the halloween bar

“Eat, drink and be scary.” ~unknown

skeleton hang

I’m too busy to talk….tied up…sorry…

“Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world. ~William Shakespeare

Remember one thing when caught in a fright…

the scary face

Are you SCREAMING???

In the dark…
No one around except the screeching sounds…
Don’t lose your head

beauty without her head

Dang, I’ve got such a headache tonight…

Just stay calm as calm can be and remember these words by an unknown writer:

“On Hallowe’en the thing you must do
Is pretend that nothing can frighten you
And if somethin’ scares you and you want to run
Just let on like it’s Hallowe’en fun.”

* * *
 Trick or Treat?

* * *

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So Much Passion and Random-ness Going On Here!

chillin', peeps, postaday, tshirt art, photograph

Hey all you charming, sun lovin’ peeps! Not much is happening around here, (except a lot of passion and random-ness) and you know I am feeling those lazy August summer days.

Well, seems like the perfect time to plop down in an air-conditioned room and dream up on words like, say, passion.

Seems like such a strong word and at the same time a very good word to ponder:

passion…dictionary version >a strong liking or desire or devotion to some activity<… well, you know my current passion, as I suspect is the same with you if you living a blogosphere type of existence, is none other than, …writing and blogging! Oh, yeah!

Here are a few really random thoughts:

Everyday we should wish for something to happen in the Universe: creative and fun-loving August days for every artist and an endless supply of pistachio ice cream!

With such a short post, you wonder how I can say I have loads of passion for writing and blogging. I wonder myself, hehe,  so now we are even.

I am off now to scale my couch for some serious couch napping workouts.

Do carry on, my sun lovin’ and, oh, so charming peeps!

Now, how about it, what is your current passion and that one wish you are dying to throw out into the Universe?

Weekly Image Of Life: Beautiful–The Horse

Some animals command our attention, perhaps by their size, unusual features or majestic presence. When I think about the most beautiful animal, one commonly found here in the United States, the horse comes to mind. According to Pam Brown:

A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves
And it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.”

horse, equine, weekly life image, beautiful, strong,powerful, dream

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The beautiful horse is the projection of my dreams about myself.

Strong and Powerful

Naturally, I seek some physical strength, but you and I know the inner strength is more important when striving to become a better human being. When I see a healthy horse grazing in the fields, it reminds me, ugh, time to add fresh fruits and vegetables everyday to my diet. Yippee.

Occasionally, I will see a horse just standing, tail swishing back and forth to keep the horse flies away, and just gazing out over the pasture.  Hmm, a reflective moment for the horse?

Maybe, but the moment does remind me to, ‘be still,’  and offer gratitude to the universe for all the beautiful gifts that have come my way.


Face it. Beautiful is where it is at! According to an article written in AlterNet, the cosmetic beauty industry, is…

“Worth $50 billion in the U.S. alone, with Asia a close second and gaining speed, the $170 billion beauty industry conspires to convince women that our fates depend on our looks which depend on what we spend. In this equation, ugliness — as society sees it — can be remedied like a disease, if you just spend enough. Refuse to buy? Your face and fate are your own fault.” (Read more on the Cosmetic Racket here…)

Nothing like twisting ones arm to make you think all those expensive beauty products will actually buy a beautiful self. My take? Why not keep the planet happy and make ourselves as decent as we can but do it simply in our price range. Enough said.

There you have it, a short reflection on the most beautiful animal, the horse: “God’s gift to mankind,” as written in the Arabian proverbs.


So, have you thoughts on any beautiful animals that project what you dream of yourself?


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Weekly Image Of Life: A Lifetime Of Memories–On God

“Nothing else is required than to act toward God, in the midst of your occupations, as you do, even when busy, toward those who love you and whom you love.”  ~St. Alphonsus Liguori

How does a person “act toward God,” and how does a person simply remember their faith journey?  I have no recollection of my baptism and today, my religious memories are just snippets of faith teachings here and there. But what if God was sitting next to me as I write this, or should I say, how would I act in front of him? Would my actions change because I know God is sitting right next to me? What memories do I want to remember about my God? What faith memories do I have??

Nothing comes to mind about my baptism, I do remember nuns, so I did get baptized early and I did go to Catholic schools, but not consistently. Since my family had very weak ties to the church, I took it upon myself to follow-up after high school to get confirmed with the Catholic Church. Confirmation is just a teen Catholic thing, in my opinion, and really, my memory of the whole thing is simply, a big blur.

As you can tell, my sparse Catholic upbringing without a strong family support did nothing to build a lifetime of faith building memories. I could say, I am a product of my upbringing. Thankfully, I can go on a, do-it-yourself, mini spiritual exercise,called, What If…, to overcome my lack of lifetime faith memories that lives dormant within me.

What if God paid me a visit, now…

God,memories,weekly image of life,faith,Christianity,life,

I actually would pull up a chair and politely ask God, ” Please, have a seat.”

Now, I look over at him and think, hmm, this is the great Divine, the One most revered and He is sitting next to me!! What should I say or do??

Nervously, I shamefully say, “Would you like a beer? I have an extra can, not chilled, but you can have it over ice. Maybe, coffee or tea, perhaps?”

I fidget in my chair and frantically think, girl, say something…but what? What can I say to God who is sitting next to me that He does not know already?

Randomly I blurt out, “Uh, you know Roxy, my hen, passed on yesterday. Of course, you knew all about that but still, just in case you had other things going on, and uh, what is up with the thermostat turned way up to 115 degrees?? Just wondering…”

(He wants to know what I am up to.)

“Oh, this, uh, it is blogging. A bunch of us bloggers share what we know or have talent for on a page called a post and then we publish it over the blogosphere. I am just a rookie, still learning all the ins and outs and making mistakes left and right.”

He nods approvingly, I hope.

“Papa, (I call Him that) we have a lifetime of memories, right? Maybe one day you will tell me the story of how you created me and the story of all your hopes and dreams you anticipated I would carry out for you? I need to hear these stories…please?”


Crazy, I know, but, What If...is a mini exercise that helps put God back into perspective because:

I sometimes forget what is important in life.

I forget that a lifetime of memories comes not only with special celebrations, cherished moments with loved ones, with every pain and heartache endured up to this point, but also through the imagination.

I forget that nothing else is required from me, that my life can go on as ordinary or extraordinary, and the only thing required is simply to point all my actions towards God.


“Papa, I love you. Thank you for every life memory, happy, sad, tough and good times,  imprinted on my heart. I may have forgotten many of the spiritual ones, but the ones I do remember, I want to hold on to them tightly because I do not ever want to forget…You.”

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Now, it’s your turn: What if God paid you a visit, now…