February Pilgrimage: Horinji Temple, 9

Somehow, I missed temple 8 – goofing off on a pilgrimage – not a good idea, but here we are at Horin-ji Temple in Awa City, Japan.

In English, one would call this temple, the Dharma Wheel Temple. The name reminds me of a television series I occasionally watched called Lost. Bunch of people on an island…they were lost. Creative title. (Laughing) The word Dharma, as in Dharma Initiative, appeared in the show but had nothing to do with the Dharma Wheel Temple. I thought it was a good television series but please, excuse my digression.

What is important about Dharma Wheel Temple is Shaka Nyorai, the Buddha honored, and appears as a statue in repose position – quite uncommon in Japan. Also, a local belief is one may find healing for any feet or waist afflictions. Perfect spot for pilgrims with blisters, yes?

Today’s haiku comes as a hope that one day world peace would reign as supreme power…

crowd of carved figures,
share mystical divine gifts
– one world family

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Inspiration: Carpe Diem #394 Horinji temple 9

*I’m running behind on everything from visiting and commenting but please know I will be catching up with you readers. My apologies. 😦

Photo source: Wikimedia.org | Atsumi-spa-nehanzo

February Pilgrimage: Anrakuji Temple, Day 5

Walking on the Shinkoku 88 temple pilgrimage path, our guide, Chevrefeuille from Carpe Diem Haiku Kaileads us to the sixth Shingon temple in Kamiita, Japan called the Anrakuji Temple. 

Built to honor Bhaisajyaguru, the Buddha of Healing and Medicine, this doctor, according to legend, heals mainly through chanting mantras.

I find, at times, drinking tea in quiet solitude the best moment to seek Divine healing. When do find your best time for spiritual connections?

fresh ginger root tea,
brew in ceramic tea-cup
while chanting monks pray

ancient sounds vibrate –
in sacred healing rhythm,
tear drops mix with tea

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February Pilgrimage: Dainichji Temple – Day 4

While doing this virtual pilgrimage to discover the roots of Buddhism and the influence on haiku, our host and guide, Chevrefeuille, mentions we will skip a few of the 88 temples on the Island of Shikoku.

Today, however, we travel off the main road and walk a bit into a mountain valley to find the Dainichi-ji Temple.

Although the original temple no longer stands due to repeated destruction forces – you know how that always happens – Matsu, a 17th century monk, reconstructed the temple.

The temple honors Vairocana Buddha or the Buddha of Emptiness.

walking straight ahead,
ten toes wrestling with blisters…
on empty stomach 

Dainichi-ji, haiku, February pilgrimage, writing challenge,

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Inspiration:  Carpe Diem #391, Dainichji (Temple 4)

Photo credit: Wikimedia.org| Chris Harber via Flickr