Tracking the Journey

copyright rich voza

photo copyright rich voza

Deputy John Krebs took one last iPhone photo before boarding an early flight hoping to text it home to his wife.

“You pro or just taking pictures for fun?” laughed a well-built, tattooed man looking out the same window.

“Just tracking the journey, Tony, nothing more.”

In mid-flight, John reflected on Tony’s transfer to a minimum state prison and with good behavior, his opportunity for an early parole.

“Hey, I need to pee,” grinned Tony.

Undoing Tony’s handcuffs, John didn’t expect the fatal bullet from his own gun.

“You almost…freedom, Tony…why?”

“Just tracking my journey, John, nothing more,” snickered Tony.

* * *

Inspiration & Note: Friday Fictioneers and with strict security measures taken at airports today, this scene could only happen in the movies, right? 🙂

THE CHALLENGE: Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)

THE KEY: Make every word count.

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5 Minute Friday: When Will it be ENOUGH?


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When will it be enough that we stop hurting each other? Tragic recent news from Aurora, Colorado…theater 9…evacuation…mass shooting at the midnight showing of the new movie, Batman. The radio news spills out that at least 12 people killed and at least 40 people injured.

When will it be enough that a 24-year-old male can enter a movie theater wearing black attire, carrying a shotgun, wearing a riot helmet and bulletproof vest?

Chaos ran rampant an eyewitness explained as movie goers tried to find ways to escape from theater 9 room…the movie was still running as the shooter let loose. How did the shooter know to start shooting during a major gun scene in the movie causing the audience to think it was all part of the movie?

But, hey, why should we be surprised by this awful situation when it does not seem violent/graphic movies will ever end, perhaps this, James Holmes, was simply acting out what he had learned from his past experiences; he may have had enough of fantasy and just made his world a reality.

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