Summer Time Blog Upkeep: #1 Redesign the Floor Plan

Time is a Tickin'

Time…need more time!  ~Photo credit: im elsewhere via flickr

As far as time management goes, the ability to quickly find on-line resources is vitally important from a busy blogger’s viewpoint.

Have you visited blog sites that feature items you would love to include in your blog; or, you discover a great challenge they are participating in, but somehow, link information seems obscurely hidden?

It may not happen too often for you, but when it does, spending time hunting for information within a blog site does burn up precious time and is highly frustrating as well.

Well, then again, perhaps my impatience to search for things is showing. Moreover, maybe I should stop my complaining, and instead, make sure I have a page featuring all the super handy reference resources I find valuable and worth sharing with other bloggers.

Now many of you may know of blogger extraordinaire, Sonel, over at Sonel’s Corner. (If not, you’re missing greatness!) ☺

Her post, Online Fun Photo Effects features her photographs altered in different editing on-line sites. Sonel shares her creative editing skills, as well as, include the link sites she uses and lists them in a separate Links and Resources blog page.

You have to agree, sharing your on-line resources is not only helpful, but a kind “gesture gift” to give graciously to fellow bloggers–especially because  it saves them precious time.

In the past, to give a kindly “gesture gift” to blog friends, I created a page called, Charming Featured Blog/Post Crushes. It started as a blogroll then later became a spot to highlight blog sites and or posts I thought  interesting enough to share with my readers.

Unfortunately, the traffic to the page was minimal; it took incredible amounts of time to prepare every post; link sites were often ignored and worse, broken links popped up because featured bloggers occasionally decided to shut down their blog site.

While pondering what to do about this problem, I remembered my experience while working in a profitable retail fashion business.

The obsessed retail management team constantly monitored sales per square inch (or so it seemed). If an area of the store did not produce to projected sales quota, they would brainstorm and alter, in a crazy whirlwind sort of way, everything in that area to boost sales to meet the quota.

Well, like my past retail training example, since my old page lacked interest for whatever reasons, it is now time to:


As I Strip away the old, and lay down the new…here is the latest floor design:

☼sunROOM: reference resources

I hope this work in progress room can be useful for those looking for some of  the blog resources used here. I also hope it helps you be inspired and be a real time-saver.

Here is the preview for the new, ☼sunROOM! 

Stay Inspired & Stay Happy, Blog friends! ☺


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On World Animal Day: Spying A Squirrel

This week over at Ailsa’s Travel Theme,  Animals are in the spotlight because on October 4th it was World Animal Day!

This past summer, I spied a little squirrel. It was during an intense heat wave that had daytime temperatures soaring over 100 degrees for almost 16 days straight! A thirsty squirrel was trying to get water from a leaky air conditioner unit valve when I caught sight of it from inside an office building.

Being inside and having only a small Kodak Easy Share digital camera, I tried to snap the moment up. The squirrel, however, must have sensed my prying eyes on its back because I barely made a sound, except to breathe just enough not to pass out and to take the picture.

Breathe. Click.

Suddenly, the little squirrel turned, looked at me, and quickly dashed over to the nearest tree. Arrgh!

What can I tell you?

Nothing really except, if you are trying to take a decent photo of a dehydrated squirrel from inside a building, through a dirty glass window with a tiny camera operated by an amateur photographer, it can mean only one thing. . . THIS: (If you want an enlarged slide show version, just click on the first image.)

I hope you enjoyed my summer encounter with a thirsty and camera-shy squirrel!

This reminds me, I would like to step up to another camera that is simple to use and affordable. I am leaning towards the Canon Power Shot series.

You got any thoughts on any of the versions? Or maybe another brand suggestion? I am all ears…

Thanks for spying in on my little squirrel!!

*  * *

What animal do you like to spy on?

* * *

Check out these wonderful contributors below:

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So Much Passion and Random-ness Going On Here!

chillin', peeps, postaday, tshirt art, photograph

Hey all you charming, sun lovin’ peeps! Not much is happening around here, (except a lot of passion and random-ness) and you know I am feeling those lazy August summer days.

Well, seems like the perfect time to plop down in an air-conditioned room and dream up on words like, say, passion.

Seems like such a strong word and at the same time a very good word to ponder:

passion…dictionary version >a strong liking or desire or devotion to some activity<… well, you know my current passion, as I suspect is the same with you if you living a blogosphere type of existence, is none other than, …writing and blogging! Oh, yeah!

Here are a few really random thoughts:

Everyday we should wish for something to happen in the Universe: creative and fun-loving August days for every artist and an endless supply of pistachio ice cream!

With such a short post, you wonder how I can say I have loads of passion for writing and blogging. I wonder myself, hehe,  so now we are even.

I am off now to scale my couch for some serious couch napping workouts.

Do carry on, my sun lovin’ and, oh, so charming peeps!

Now, how about it, what is your current passion and that one wish you are dying to throw out into the Universe?

SUNDAY POST : Splendid–Silent Sun

Guess what?

Despite the heat wave and wild brush fires popping up all over the place around here, yesterday afternoon, the sun decided to give a dazzling and splendid show to anyone who paused for a moment to look up to the skies.

splendid sun, heat wave, sunday post, wildfires, splendid, photograph, writing,journal

A splendid gift indeed!

WOW, is the expression I used as I looked up into the sky and as the late Freddy Mercury, lead singer for the rock band, Queen once said, “I like to be surrounded by splendid things.”

Indeed, a splendid gift from the sun that briefly surrounded my world and despite all the problems the heat wave is bringing; there truly is a blessing-in-disguise. Some of you may know how much the dratted bug; the mosquito means to me, well, I believe the triple digit temperatures have vaporized a good portion of the mosquito population.

Oh, gee, poor little things…sizzled out before they got a chance to suck the blood right out of me. Poor, poor things.

Hey, if you are looking for a great weekly community, stop on by Jakesprinter every Sunday for the SUNDAY POST : With this week’s theme –Splendid. By the way, Jake is a splendid graphic artist and blogger!


Soooo, now that you know my splendid thing I received recently, my curious mind wants to know what splendid thing came your way recently…


OH, Drats! This Summer HEAT WAVE took my Foxy Roxy!!

“Heartbreak is LIFE educating us.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Roxy,hen,poultry,death,heat wave,daily post 2012,farm,nature,backyard hen,grief

Roxy, before her egg laying days…

Roxy lost her life yesterday. She was a foxy feathered friend who gave an egg a day, kept the bug population under control and was a constant companion to our one rooster. The cause of her death is unknown and being a very young chicken, age was not a factor. I suspect the extreme heat wave lingering over this land (with day temperatures brewing in the triple digits) may have been a factor. It is difficult to keep outside animals from heat related injuries and fatal mishaps during extreme heat temperatures. A regular, fine mist, water sprinkler throughout the day, I guess, was not enough to keep Roxy cooled down. I just do not know.

It was a sad day anyway, especially for her rooster companion. I also found myself tearing up just the thought of Roxy passing without anyone outside to help her.

I know Roxy was just a hen, and around here, hens are easy to come by, but somehow, have you noticed when you give a name to anything, it seems like the named item becomes the Velcro that sticks itself to your heart? Maybe next time I will cautiously give a name to anything that may strongly attach to my heart. Away with you, Velcro! Arrgh.

Grief is so painfully real, regardless of its origin. The love of, and attachment to, an animal friend can equal that of human relationships. Likewise, the loss of an animal can be just as devastating.” ~Rev. Joel L. Morgan


Have you ever named something and later found your heart grieving when their final time came sooner than expected?

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