Spring, I’ve Missed You So . . .

hello dear friend,
Spring . . .
i’ve missed you so

shivering under
cold embrace and Continue reading

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On The Roof

The Carpe Diem Haiku Kai series called Revise That Haiku, gives aspiring haiku writers a way to learn from the masters. In this third episode, we look at the master **Buson’s haiku with the goal being to revise and create a similar tone haiku. First, Buson followed by my attempt to revise on the master’s haiku.  Continue reading

Falling Madly In Love with Arthur Symons!

Did you know April is National Poetry Month? Well, what better way to celebrate this awesome event by going out and searching  for a poet to simply fall madly in love with! I’m giddy with spring fever and in love with Arthur!!

Ohh, let me tell you how I met poetry man,  Arthur Symons! It was one fine night in April, exactly at midnight…

-photo source: Wikimedia Common

april midnight by arthur symons

Side by side through the streets at midnight,
Roaming together,
Through the tumultuous night of London,
In the miraculous April weather.
Roaming together under the gaslight,
Day’s work over,
How the Spring calls to us, here in the city,
Calls to the heart from the heart of a lover!
Cool to the wind blows, fresh in our faces,
Cleansing, entrancing,
After the heat and the fumes and the footlights,
Where you dance and I watch your dancing.
Good it is to be here together,
Good to be roaming,
Even in London, even at midnight,
Lover-like in a lover’s gloaming.
You the dancer and I the dreamer,
Children together,
Wandering lost in the night of London,
In the miraculous April weather.

Find out more about Arthur by clicking this photo. . . he is simply a smashing poet! -photo source: Wikimedia common

And there dear readers is my *blushing* lover poetry man and I hope you find a poet to fall head-over-heels over, so you may uncover

 your childhood imagination and dance the night away!

With love,

Sunshine xoxo

What poet(s) have you simply fallen in love with?

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Dear Divine Father,

Your beauty surrounds us in the rainfall

as one quietly observes the new growth of your spring

we watch the garden of our hearts grow as you shower our lives with Divine thoughts.

Help us to remember to offer our daily tasks to You,

the One who gives us our breath —

May this song be our way of expressing how precious your Divine love is to our soul

We give You thanksgiving and our praise. Amen.

Sunday Post: Designer Image

Design your image to reflect the early morning dew so clean and new

an image  light and easy like the cool evening breeze as it blows through your hair

pleasant and delightful as the first winter snow

quiet and reflective as a spring renewal

English: Morning dew on a flower

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fun, loving and adventurous as a summer vacation

and peaceful and content as an autumn thanksgiving meal 

I wonder, how clever this Designer is to weave His image in the wonder of His natural world?


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