Not Just An Ordinary Day. . . It’s International Day of the African Child

You wake up and it’s June 16. Seems like an ordinary day coming on, but wait…history flashback:

Soweto Uprising 1976

where an estimated 20,000 black schoolchildren participated in a protest demanding a better quality education and the right that their education be in their own language.

 International Day of the African Child, Soweto uprising, June 16, historical event

“The schoolboy, with his satchel in his hand,
Whistling aloud to bear his courage up.
~Robert Blair

Since June 16, 1991, the International Day of the African Child honors about 176 protesters killed during this event and in South Africa, a pubic holiday continues to celebrate the memory of those courageous youth as Youth Day.

International Day of the African Child, historical event, Soweto uprising

Soweto Uprising 1976

In this ordinary day, June 16, may we continue to raise awareness in those and ourselves for the “continuing need for improvement of the education provided” not only to the African child but every child who lacks in the right to be properly educated.

Has an ordinary day for you become more important because of a courageous historical event?