Quiet Existence

Perhaps too self-conscience, with wrinkled, shiny like gray vinyl skin. She knows. The weight. It puts a strain on her back yet she glides silently, hangs almost unseen in dim, murky places. Her awkward walk goes unnoticed by the crowd. Health conscience, she prefers only fresh, salt-free salad grass. Her rare beauty appreciated only by her sensitive guardian, the one who sports a pink shirt.

Manatees and pink dolphins
Almost seen as ghosts

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(Photo credit: laquoiboniste)

Inspiration: Yer Pirate’s Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt **South America**. I have to admit, this was a tough prompt! Luckily, the DVD: Last Chance to See: Animals on the Verge of Extinction was available at the public library and saved the day. Yay!

Take up the challenge and join us every week…your creative self will love you. :p

Just if you want to know:

♥ The Amazonian manatee are also called the Ghosts of the Amazon. Once plentiful, these gentle “sea cows” have dwindled and are rarely seen in the wild. In the DVD, zoologist and wildlife photographer, Mark Carwardine, hoped to spot a manatee in the wild. Unfortunately, he only filmed orphaned manatees held in captivity to be released once they recovered from poacher’s wounds. These manatees live only in fresh water and can walk using their long front flippers on the bottom of the river floor.

♥ The Amazon dolphin appears to grow pinker when excited. It is found in fresh water and facing extinction. Legend has it that to find a manatee in the wild, one must first make peace with its guardian, the pink dolphin.

Are there practical solutions to help stop the demise of these gentle animals living quietly in the Amazon?