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First Snowflakes…

Since the New Year, I have neglected my practice of haiku writing.  Shameful of me so here is a Carpe Diem Special featuring the haiku of  **Alexey Andreyev. The challenge, to “write a new haiku inspired on the one given [below], but it has to be in the same tone, sense and spirit.”

Here we go…

first snowflakes!
I love them too much to think
They’ll melt by noon**

even before dawn,
snowflakes drift first over path
…make way for footprints!

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For those in their winter months, I hope you enjoy some time walking in the snow, hearing the crunches with each footstep. Most of the first snow here is long gone. Maybe more snow later but I hope spring is near and anxious to give warmer weather.

Thank you and peace be with you.

Photo credit: Wikimedia.org

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Snowflakes and Kisses! Happy 2014!

Because my internet connection is having a rough day, not loading anything complete and/or taking so long just to load a page, let me put aside my original last day of December post and leave this wonderful thought here before I go and hibernate in a warm spot with a good book and a glass of wine…

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I hope to catch up with you all next year. Thank you for a wonderful 2013

peace, love and ☼hugs

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

The is joy:

a little bit of haiku…

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…and some beautiful horses standing around not minding the cold winter day.


joy, horses, pasture, photo challenge, haiku, winter, postaday

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy.