Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Reflections… “If 5 seconds of smiling can make a photograph more beautiful, then just imagine,

Jack's reflection

if you always keep smiling,

how beautiful your life will be.”


* * *

Window reflections
Doubles the image of Jack
Let’s *live* life* smiling

* * *

This “Weekly Photo Challenge is about reflections in the composition of a shot. Reflections are all around us, whether they’re in a window, a puddle, a mirror, or another surface. They can dramatically affect the feeling and mood of a shot by creating a surreal sense of duality.”

Did this double image of smiling Jack affect the feeling and mood you were in?

If looking at reflections in photographs interest you, why not join the community of weekly photo contributors and share a photo today! Below is a quick peek into some creative photo shares: Enjoy!