Being Grateful: July in Review

Mother always said, “Be grateful for all that come your way.”

Now I say, listen to Mother.  My monthly, at-a-glance, review on four daily grateful moments.  May you also find gratitude a blessing in your life.

In July…Grateful for: natural bug spray using distilled water and oil of eucalyptus; Stephen King’s book: On Writing; black forest ham sandwich with red potato salad; 100 degree + temperatures outside has not made my furry 100 + pound dog sick…yet; ♥ glazed donuts and hot steaming coffee before church;

They look like colored donuts :-) View Large O...

No, these are not edible donuts unless you like fungi…

…strawberry milkshakes for lunch; quiet Sunday afternoons; the rooster who eats all the nasty spiders…quiet celebration with friends on 4th of July; Pinterest–and trying hard not to spend too much time there…

…long handle spoons; kiddie swimming pool–a mini water hole for outside animals; DIY recycle shower fixtures-instead of buying new shiny ones, hardware store man suggested cleaning fixtures with vinegar (remove water deposits) and shine with window cleaner; finding a bird’s nest with my dog’s fur to line its nest 3 4 small blue speckled eggs in back yard tree…

 …auto mechanics that start their work day at sunrise; auto mechanics that do extra service without charge like cleaning leaking battery and adding a sealer to help stop the leak ☺auto mechanics that talk little but service your car in expedient way; auto mechanics who are honest and affordable…

Road works

Not the real long and winding road…any roadwork volunteers??

…road construction workers that pave the highway in the summer heat; cashiers that stay patient with rude customer; volunteers during summer Feed the Children program at church; professional workers, like lawyers, who are down-to-earth good people. ♥

International Kissing Day: 7 Best Songs…; central air conditioning; clean drinking water; chai tea

Grateful for in July: movie night with Collin Farrell. Jessica Biel in action film, Total Recall; hair clips; Greek yogurt; jello and cool whip; kids who joined in our church summer vacation bible school; grilled hamburgers, chips & pink lemonade; funny book by Don Rickles: Rickles’ Letters…

…a family operated business that serves the community not strictly for profit but more about keeping strong caring customer relationships…

…Almond-Coconut milk; corn dogs– little kids love them; 5-minute thunderstorm after 100+degree daytime temperature; Pinto beans fresh…not from can; drop in summer temperatures instead of average 100 degrees, a cool, 75 degrees with overcast skies…

…Learning about Blavatar: Small Yet Mighty; clean grocery stores; homemade burgers with fried onions and baked seasoned fries! Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad…

In July…Grateful for:

Watermelon Juice

It does look delicious…
photo source: flickr

…ice-cold drinks after work; internet working like a charm; BBQ pork cooked all day in the crock pot…yum! little puppies ♥ powdered donuts; quiet moment to sit and read; headbands that keep hair off the face during intense 95 degree temp outside; key rings; reading lamps; public libraries; sweet crunchy apples…

…the awesome support, encouragement and inspiration from my blog readers…😄

Grateful for in July: cornmeal pancakes; fresh water lakes; hummingbirds that hover near waiting for their feeder to be put back into place. ☺ …white vinegar used as household cleaner; clothes pins make great clips for opened chip bags…

Sonel’s Corner for the re-blog of my Blavatar – Small yet Mighty post…

…early morning before sunrise keeping company with bloggers; a cool 65 degree summer evening; Wikimedia commons; ice coffee; ceiling fans; do it yourself car wash service; ice cubes…

…finding informative post by One Cool Site: Is Your Email Address a Spam Magnet?

…natural homemade dog conditioner made with rosemary, apple cider vinegar and water; watching a nest full of baby birds grow to maturity; small amount of household bleach to keep mold from growing in wading pool for outside pets; the camera– allows us to capture treasured moments to memories fresh…

…New York Times bestseller author, Sara Gruen…her book, Water for Elephants is one you cannot put down…

Cover of "Water for Elephants: A Novel"


…the Tan Renga Challenge over at Carpe Diem; bagels and cream cheese; family time; big grasshoppers or maybe locusts; cold, juicy and sweet orange; hardy Rosemary plant…

…dense fog; learning how easy it is to install windshield wipers on a car. ☺ cooling effects of rainy days during this hot July month; long-term friendships; wall clocks…

red cardinal

red cardinal…yummy eye candy.☺ Photo credit: ehpien

…huge eight inch in diameter field mushrooms; water filters; poison oak liquid spray killer; red cardinal birds;  convenience of bread toasters and rice cookers;  the male mockingbird who actually sings during the night ☺

Did you know the male mockingbird sang at night or fungi grew resembling tasty donuts?

Did you know  I think you are simply charming?

You are! ☼sunHUGS!!

Guest Writer: Chuckles on Loyalty, Liebster and Very Inspiring Mentions…

Hello Everyone,
As you know, on occasion, my good fur-buddy, Chuckles, comes around to help say thank you to the blog friends who took a good chunk of their precious time to write-up an award or tag game post.

During the summer months, with the intense heat, Chuckles, sorry to say, becomes irresponsible in his writing duties. Not to worry though, I usually send my secret snitch, Mr. Rooster to badger the old boy to get the beep up!


A snitch at work…shh!

Here, finally, the Simply Charming thank-you post, paw-typed by Chuckles, (he looks filthy dirty because he really is!) to our thoughtful friends:

Dear Blog Humans and Blog Animals,
I am awake and yes, dirty only because someone, I will not tell you who, refuses to let me inside the air-conditioned house.

What else am I to do? I have to make the dirt my natural cooling agent.

Let me make this quick since I am perspiring and panting and must go lay down soon. I learned me some haiku while dozing in the heat…

Three mentions given
Hugs and kisses sent their way
Please visit them soon

Angelswhisper and Little Binky : a WONDERFUL post, full of kind words and the Loyal Reader Award.

Little Binky (shhh, do not tell my other feline girlfriends) is my number one kitty love of all times.


loyal reader award

Big thanks to our sweet friends from Granny and Little Binky

Now that my dog heart is pounding like crazy in love, let me say thank you to:  Johann is Thinking | Liebster Blog Award.

Johann blogs from the United States, a retired teacher who, at one time, taught with the Missionary Sisters of our Lady of Africa.

COOL huh?

thank YOU, Johann!

Wait, one more award and we can all go and take our naps…Maria’s RandomlyAbstract kindly brought us the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Please visit our Awards page for more details on this award.

That is it…signing off dear friends in deep gratitude…many thanks!

Your adorable blog dog,

Chuckles…a.k.a guest blog dog writer.

Full of Springtime Gratitude

One of the joys that come with blogging is the opportunity to say thank you to blog friends that kindly bring gifts and fun games as a way to show their appreciation to your blog site.

Chuckles, Simply Charming’s blog dog writer, makes a special effort to get his big dog self up and give a note of thanks for the special awards and tag games that come this way. Well, sometimes he gets up…sometimes he prefers lounging about and yawning…hope you do not mind. Here he is…

Hey. It’s me. Chuckles. You see, I am slowly getting ready for spring season. Got my new sunglasses…you like it?Chuckles, blog dog

Okay. Now, business. First, the Illuminating Blogger Award from two beauties…

thank you, Sophia and KZ

thank you, Sophia and KZ!!

♥ Sofia Siberia*: A very busy “writer, psychic, energy healer,” Sofia shares her insights “on love, relationships, mysticism, well-being, holistic healing, esoteric and… enlightened living.”   WOW!  Read about her latest adventure…Body and Mind Well-Being: My Initiation into Natural Healing. Thank you, Sofia!

KZ: A self-proclaimed, eclectic, Blog Bling!* eccentric shopaholic and one hell of a writer/blogger. This is a fine haiku. I maybe a ram reborn…check it! Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 92 Thank you, KZ!

Next, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from another beauty and wise one…

thank you, Seeker!

thank you, Seeker!

The Seeker*: The Seeker seeks. Her words…”i seek everything. you hide & i will seek…from faith, hope, charity…Abba 2 Zen…Here 2 Now…reality 2 Divine…endless! And her Party Time! feast after 40 days of fasting!

Finally, a tag game and the Super Sweet Award

thank you, Little Binky and Granny!

Angelswhisper2011: (home of Little Binky!)

you must meet Little Binky, my BFBF (best feline blog friend) and her Granny. Not only did they bring the best dessert Awards and Coffee Break*, Little Binky’s granny is super talented. Just check Granny’s Drawings if you do not believe me.

Confession: Anyone who follows my awesome blog dog writing abilities knows I also love remaking blog awards and tag game rules. Sorrrrry. Woof!

Before I get to the rehashed rules, my nominees come from my our recent subscribers that I we would like to thank with a GROUP*HUG!

♥ GlobalInfo4All| Inspired by the Story…Famous Dog…Hachiko
♥ MJPienaar| My Only Requirement
♥ Musings&Rants: Shazza says she will rant about “God, Life” …muse about, “Movies & other randomness.” Here she shares about My Prized Possession.

Now, Chuckles revised rules* for awards and tag game:

Answer the question listed below, nominate other blog friends (if you want) and post the award logo somewhere on your blog. Oh, and send a link to the nominees so they are aware you are giving them the award and/or tag game.

Here is your question nominees to get your awards:

Name the one thing you are grateful for today (excluding this tag game/blog award.)

As for me, Chuckles, I am grateful everyday when I hear success stories about my fellow animal friends being rescued and cared for…like Silly Sit Saturday friend over at Long Life Cats and Dogs.

*if anyone nominated want the full authentic rules version for each award/tag game, just visit the above award links with the little asterisk*

Well, good day to all and remember, Chuckles wise words for today…“In all things big, little, fat (like me) beautiful, ugly… be full of thanksgiving.” Woof!

On the Art of Arrangement

I want to thank Jakesprinters for hosting the Sunday Post. Every week he rolls out a new word to challenge bloggers to delve deeper and then share. This week the word is arrangement.

On the art of arrangement: It can come by taking a bunch of fresh flowers and lovingly placing each one in the right place.

flower arrangement

explosive colors
an arrangement sent with love
sunshine for your day

♥ ♥ ♥

On the art of arrangement: It can come from exquisitely fine classical music like Handel’s Water Music Alla Hornpipe – Suite No. 2 in D major. In 1717, Handel wrote Water Music specifically for an open-air water party for King George. Lucky George. 🙂

“But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.” ~Thomas Jefferson

♠ ♠ ♠

Curtain Call: Featured Blogger

On the art of arrangement, I would say Janice‘s | Your Daily Dose | is the spot to go. Seriously, if you need help keeping your 2013 New Year’s resolution, you need a dose of The New Month Resolution. If you simply need to chill, well, no better place than the Daily Dose. Chill out here ->You Finish Your Own Blog Description Page. Do not wait…go grab your own Daily Dose today!

Until next time, my question is…

Where do you find great examples on the art of arrangement?

peace lives within…

Peace Lives Within

February B4Peace challenge.
Create an advertisement promoting peace.
*Click this photo ad to join or find more information on the B4Peace community.

* * *

In this brief life
One may never experience world peace,
But within ourselves,
-Peace lives.

Yet, unless as children, empathy and self-giving is commonly practiced,
Most find much discontent with little tranquility or inner calm-
So, how will peace find its way into the world?

What if we start, here and now, visualizing the inner peace intentions:

Peace lives within all humans, and if we begin today,
Embracing a simple lifestyle, clarifying real needs verses not just wants,
Amplifying real empathy and less selfishness in all relationships,
Celebrating daily challenges with a more cheerful countenance,
Encouraging those we meet everyday with a peaceful demeanor and speech. . .

Then, in this brief life,
The serenity we give may become the necessary fuel
To transform all the unrest and turmoil of this world,
Thus, building the worldwide kingdom of peace we long to embrace.

* * *

Have you any other inner peace intentions to share? 

* * *

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

divine gift sun kisses

In quietness and solitude
Reveals Divine affections innocently teasing the lover awake
The gift of breath becomes breakfast in bed
As it nourishes soul, mind and body
This sacred seductive union,
Between lover and Divine, is lovingly sealed
Within a sun-kissed morning embrace.

* * *

May you be sun-kissed and embraced with Divine affections every day of your life.

 * * *

Find details and more challenge contributions here at Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss.

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