Getting the Bounce Back

I love when life hands over a seemingly too simple advice and you think, seriously?


A few days ago, I asked my hair stylist, an angel from heaven in my opinion, what shampoo product would get out all the mega hairspray, mousse, hair gel and modeling paste from my hair.

Daily, I use so much sprays and goopy hair products that not only my smart self urges me to buy stocks from these hair companies, but my hair itself acts like old residues still heavily coat every strand of my hair even after a good shampoo.

Layers of product gunk=lifeless, heavy and blah hair.

“No matter the cost,” I say, as I bow down to my divine hair stylist begging a solution.

“I need to get the bounce back into my hair! It needs life again!”

“You’ll laugh when I tell you the product,” says the divine hair stylist.

“Laugh? Why, is it from some exotic animal gland or marked with a super exorbitant price tag?”

She lets out a good laugh before her advice pours forth.

“No, you take one tablespoon of baking soda; pour into your favorite shampoo. Shake well before you shampoo your hair. Not only will it remove hair product gunk but your natural hair oils as well. Be sure to condition your after the shampoo to restore hair manageability.”

Is she serious…baking soda?

English: Washing Hair - Oil on canvas - 80 x 6...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Guess what? As usual, my divine hair stylist was right. I can spray my hair silly with hairspray and still have great bouncy hair after a shampoo!

When you have a hair stylist that forgoes selling you their salon’s expensive hair products and suggests a natural and economic alternative instead, you have to say, wow!

Bless these kindhearted folks and bless you!

* * *

What else is baking soda good for?

* * *