Sometimes It’s Really Hard to Leave . . .

The frantic mom’s Facebook post status:

I can’t believe it’s time to decorate his dorm room! Where to start?!? Help!!! Online, go to the mall, what??

Several close friends liked and generously offered their suggestions.

“Aw, come on, Mom, Facebook? . . . Really? I don’t need my dorm room decorated!”

“I just want to make sure . . . Could I at least hang a scripture verse?”

“Mom, seriously, relax! I brought stuff from home and whatever else I need the graduation gift cards will take care of it.”

“But . . . Alright, give your momma a hug!”

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers! A weekly 100-word writing challenge that features a photo prompt. The goal, to create a story with a beginning, middle and end.

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Special Mission

“It’s the best time to witness His presence,” said the charismatic pastor arranging a Saturday, impromptu, start at sunrise, youth hike.

While parents fussed over backpack content and untied shoelaces, a dozen children anticipated wildly for the pastor to jumpstart the evanescent adventure ahead of them.

Yes, God. I understand, the pastor silently whispered. You need me to prepare these chosen little ones for your special mission.

“Parents, trust me,“ the pastor continued, “Enjoy your bible fellowship and let’s meet back at the picnic area around noon.”

Three years . . . The search continues daily for our missing children.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

The challenge is to write a 100 word story that includes a beginning, middle and end based on a weekly photo prompt.

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Friday Fictioneers, flash fiction

Chaotic Voices

No! I won’t sink into another black hole…if these headaches would just let up…my therapist recommends running. Therapeutic exercise. Okay. Another mile to go…but the pounding, it hurts and…

Friday Fictioneers, Photo prompt challenge, 100 word fiction, As she stops to catch her breath, she stupidly stares across the brackish lagoon. Look at this mire; she disgustedly brushes away the salty sweat stinging into her eyes – exact replica of my chaotic life.

Several voices (in her head) begin to argue loudly accusing each other of exposing all the dirty debris of intimacies from her last relationship.

Suddenly someone shakes her awake.

“Your medication dear,” said the nurse.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Challenge: With the given photo prompt, write your 100 – word story that has a beginning, middle and end then share your story link with this popular writing community. Happy writing! 🙂

Photo Credit: BW Beacham from Life in the Foothills



The Last Scene

friday fictioneers. flash fiction, photo prompt, short story, 100 word fiction

No one noticed the new hire repairing the stage lights – except me. On the ladder, his movements appeared suspicious. With a white baseball cap slung low over his eyes, pudgy fingers rotating out burnt light bulbs, this time I sensed a deleterious moment plunging uninterrupted forward.

“Five minutes, show time…places, everyone,” said the director.

As the stage curtain lifted, the new hire appeared in front of me and with fury in his voice said, “You can‘t leave me, Bitch!”

Then, my ex-lover/manager fled without his cap while the audience applauded the realistic scene. Bleeding, I took my last breath.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end.



Photo Credit: Kent Bonham

Repairing the Elevator

Reluctantly he handed her the repair note. His wife’s jewel-studded manicured nails scratched across his fingers as she snatched the crumpled paper.

“Just what were you thinking? You knew how difficult it was to get the elevator service technician to commit for a repair date!” She continued, “Oh, don’t tell me you’re capable of fixing it. That’s a joke! You can’t even cook dinner or wash the laundry when I tell you!”

“But, Honey, your dinner is ready and laundry done! I didn’t think you would mind if I tried repairing the elevator myself. I’m the landlord after all…”

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

THE CHALLENGE: Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.


Genre: Contemporary

Photo Credit: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Dearest Diary,

Dearest Diary,
Let’s retire at sixty, but give no forewarning. The pension money – spend it on carefree adventures since the opinions of others won’t mean a damn thing. I say we: Streak jazzy purple highlights in between our short-cropped hair, accessorize with fresh daisies and jeweled hairpins. Next, like giddily young girls, get our noses pierced, start Monday margarita nights, enroll in Mr. Mickus, the handsome widower’s fine woodworking workshops on Saturdays, and hope, by then, we can learn to spit our chewing tobacco straight into the spittoon since smoking is prohibited! Let’s start practice tomorrow.

— — —

Inspiration: Rochelle Wiseoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers

THE CHALLENGE: Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.

THE KEY: Make every word count.

Photo credit: WORKS by Claire Fuller