It’s a Mistake!

As the exuberant group of neighborhood kids and my two nieces dash inside to continue their hide and seek game, I answer the  front doorbell, barely audible over the loud uncontrollable children’s laughter going upstairs.

“Hello.” It’s a police detective with news about my brother.

“Please, come in.” We sit at the kitchen table.

“Coffee? That’s right, my brother disappeared five years ago…a scuba diving accident.”

The detective slides a photograph towards me. “Have you seen this person recently? There’s a warrant for his arrest. Do you think this could be your brother?”

“NO! This must be a mistake!”

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The challenge is to write a one hundred word story based on the photo prompt. The key: MAKE. EVERY. WORD. COUNT.


Photo credit: Douglas M. Macllroy from Ironwoodwind




Friday Fictioneers, flash fiction, photo prompt
Standing under the presidential inaugural ceremony platform in the courtyard, I watch the volunteers scramble with last-minute decorations. Competing for my attention are desperate street vendors – they call out special deals from their makeshift sidewalk displays – and, the gentle susurration of a wind from gaudy overhanging vinyl fringes.

“Hey, mister,” says a woman holding her artwork. “Wanna buy one?”

Furious, I hand the poor woman some cash. It’s a portrait of my father, our country’s new president, depicted as a saint!

I can’t allow my abusive father, who murdered my sister and bribed the local law, to continue.

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This weekly event is to challenge yourself to write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. Link your story (you can start on Wednesday) to Friday Fictioneers with host, Rochelle Wisof-Offields.


Happy Writing! 🙂

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Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)




Ligo Haibun Challenge | The Runner

The Runner. She always expected a sunshiny, carefree life. Never thought her older brother would die unexpectedly leaving her high school years like a living hell. Her brother’s shadow was her comfort zone. She followed him like a devoted fan. In her darkness, she grieved. Meandering slowly to the track field one day, she impulsively jumped into a race. Like a fleeting moment when the rays of the sun gently teases between the flickering tree leaves; she discovered her ability to run at top record-breaking speed.

On a full athletic scholarship, she raced successfully through college, met and married her running coach, trained, and later won four gold Olympic medals. No one questioned her superhuman running track record; but soon, missed drug testing began to uncover, the Runner’s excuses did not make sense. She stood firm that accidents, rumors were all part of the game. After all, she was, The Runner! However, court day came, her husband/coach made his full confession. Nevertheless, The Runner went on for years, vehemently denying steroid use. Hate lies, was all she said and watched her marriage evaporate under the heat. Her skin began to pale turning ashen white and finally, she lost all consciousness of the sun’s light and healing warmth.

Prison du palais des Doges

behind cold steel bars
denuded perjured runner
blinded beyond repair

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Inspiration: Join us at the weekly Ligo Haibun Challenge hosted by Call2Read.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

This week, the Daily Post| Weekly Photo Challenge looks at Fleeting. Cheri Lucas Rowlands writes:

“…I’ve been thinking a lot about the fleeting moments in our days, and in our lives. The quiet, precious moments between the ones we love. A hummingbird in the backyard, among the blossoms. Chalk art on the sidewalk, with broken bits of colorful chalk left there, by the kids in the neighborhood. Or perhaps a glimpse into a rare occasion…Fleeting may also make you think of movement and change.”

In my fictional world, a second year nursing student, while enjoying his first week of summer college break, decided to quench a long-term craving.

He got in his car, buckled up the seat belt, and then drove to the neighborhood mall in search of a small electric rice cooker to fit in his small studio apartment.

Unfortunately, his fleeting expectations about having hot rice for dinner vanished quickly when the student failed to stop at an intersection, which led to a car accident involving an off-duty police officer.

auto accident

Good thing fictional stories can have happy endings.

There were no physical injuries and the police officer took pity on the college student, gave him a driving ticket but noted on the citation that a large overgrown tree partially blocked the view of the stop sign.

The student’s sympathetic girlfriend took pity as well. She not only bought him his small rice cooker, but also made him not just one bowl, but three bowls of hot rice.

Lesson of the day:

Fleeting expectations can take different routes and bring unexpected changes…expect them and for a smoother life journey, take each fleeting moment a rice grain at a time. 🙂