Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban–Calm before the storm!

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Hoards of shoppers arriving any minute now…


Slice me a bit of urban calm before the arrival of insatiable urban shoppers’ aggressive take over.

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Thank you.


What is your ultimate urban shopping  dream?

(Mine? Shoes and books, of course!)


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I Got Pamper-itis and I’m Loving It

I have pamper-itis. This is the condition in which the child in me inflates out of control if given a day off from work and I spend enormous amounts of time pampering myself. Some days the condition is hardly noticeable and other days I guess you could describe me as spoiled child going from one pamper to the next and living in an exhilarating state I like to dream of as being charmingly pampered.

I am not sure how I got to be this way but I am ever so grateful to the mystery source that made it happen.

On my one day off this week, for example, it was like any other day except without anything planned and my condition, pamper-itis, slowly flared up and took over my day. You see, if I am kept busy at work, the pamper-itis symptoms are kept at bay. No problem. Give me a day without reins and it looks like this:

Sleeping In

You know I need to sleep in as the first ‘pamper me’ hits  but I managed to get up before noon so goody-goody point for me. So far so good, my condition is in control.

Dirty Laundry

Mount Everest (topgold)

Mount Everest (topgold) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…piled so high you think that maybe it would be easier to go climb Mt. Everest but the reason it‘s listed as a ‘pampering me’  is–I rather like doing laundry so I am categorizing it as a pamper-itis symptom.

What a refreshing thought to think not only as the dirt gets washed out of my clothes with the final rinse cycle, but my life–so I like to think–gets cleaned up as I watch all my worries, and other life dirt go floating by as I hang my clothes out to dry. Yes, in the country we still use solar-powered clothes dryers.


The ultimate you-need-medical-attention for the seriously afflicted pampered person is shoe shopping…oh, and if you just went to the hair salon, call your doctor immediately!

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(This pretty thing was on sale and I ask you, “Did you expect me to leave it behind on the store shelf?)


As I lounged around my imaginary dream backyard garden, with the in-ground swimming pool, I checked in with Word Press, ‘chilled’ with some blog friends and got so inspired with the customized themes that my pamper-itis flared beyond my control.

My own dream backyard garden and pool with lots of privacy!            Photo credit: Wikipedia

I took the plunge folks! Not only did I splurge on the customized WordPress fonts but I got a personal domain ownership with privacy as well, in order to ahem, lounge around my pool area scantily dressed. Hehe…

Of course, upgrading a blog site may not really be a pampering thing if you have invested a huge amount of time and effort, no? Maybe it’s like leasing verses owning a car, if all conditions are right, owning the car that you spend a lot of time driving may be the right way to go.

As I am drawing closer to my one year of blogging with WordPress–my anniversary is in September–I have come to enjoy all the time I spend here writing and visiting with blog friends that I thought, why not. Give myself an early blog present by upgrading this site.

I guess you can say pamper-itis for me is not so bad after all and I would ask for a remedy but, *sheepishly* I truly am loving being charmingly afflicted with pamper-itis.

Have you ever suffered from pamper-itis?

Culture and the Open Market

Flies. Non-refrigerated seafood and uncovered hanging meats. Street dust. When shopping at an open market, what may appear unsanitary and culturally shocking to some, may simply be another ordinary market day.

A delightful meeting place for flies and bacteria!
-photo source: Wikipedia

The displaying of certain food products at an open market may be affected by the culture of a country.

Some cultures demand that each vendor pass strict health inspections and get a variety of business licenses before selling at any open market business. Creating a culture of proper food handling and storage is usually the goal for the health department staff, so sanitation and cleanliness are two focal areas.

The open market found in health regulated cultures typically are cleaner and more modern.   Enclosed refrigerated units, house meats and seafood so bacteria levels are kept low due to the cool temperatures and flies and other insects are unable to dine uninvited! Dust is kept to a minimum by individually packaging the  foods and locating the market on a paved instead of an unfinished dirt surface.

Have you noticed the average healthy human body has an amazing ability to adjust itself to survive?

Unregulated, unhealthy open markets commonly exists in may cultures today, yet, despite the flies, dirt and bacteria, the people who consume the food products endure and continue to raise many generations to follow in the everyday culture of the open markets.

Are you culturally shocked or pleasantly pleased with your local open market displays? 

Created especially for: SUNDAY POST: Culture.

Self, I’m Calling in Sick Today


Once upon a time, there lived a mom and she lived in a shoe. Here is her fairy book story…

Some days I wish for the, Tell-Me-How-To-Raise-Responsible-Teens-Handbook. Tell me, who has it? Come on, no fair holding it all for yourself. I need it!!

This is why. My youngest daughter. Age 17. Usually responsible and obedient young lady. Today, not so much.

I like to believe that true friends help you become a better person. For example, if I had a friend who enjoyed the same activities as I, such as going shopping at the mall, attending the latest movies at the theater, dining out or just hanging out, and that person worked on a day I planned any of these activities, as a true friend, I would forgo my “want to play” activities for another day, and urge my friend to do the same and have her go to work.

I still believe your friends should help you be the best human possible, but I am beginning to believe, some young seventeen year old minds cannot Self-ishhave true friendships because the Self-Ish lives within them. This Self-Ish is very powerful and can make any teen buckle until obeyed. My seventeen year old daughter’s new friend has Self-Ish living with her big time, and sadly, this Self-Ish wants to take over my daughter too.

Within the last month, this Self-Ish young lady has driven my daughter around with a car, given to her by her mother, who not only gave her the car, but pays the gas, the insurance and upkeep of the car expecting nothing from this Self-Ish young person. Now you are wondering, like I did, how in the heck does this Self-Ish person afford shopping, movies and eating at fine diners without having a part-time after school job and only gas money from Mama.

Wonder no more. The driver has cleverly surrounded herself with two or three working friends–one being my daughter–to pay for her entertainment and shopping desires. Voila!

I have nothing against this clever arrangement but when Self-Ish wants to go out, if her friend(s) need to work, screw the work. Self-Ish needs to see a movie and have dinner at the Indian restaurant. Call in sick or better yet, don’t call in at all. Just pretend you didn’t know.

Yes, my daughter has done all of it. Today she called in sick and was planning to run around with this lovely Self-Ish. Guess what? The fast-food restaurant my daughter works for called my cell number (this is Divine Intervention) and told me they had found a replacement for my daughter who was feeling ill. Oh really? Ill? Hmn . . . she just spent the night at her friend’s house and I didn’t get any calls from her about being ill!

I drove like lightning to pick up my wayward daughter just before the Self-ish and her pack were leaving to go clothes shopping at the mall!

The result from this major energy drain?

Internet privileges blocked and no hanging about with the Self-Ish for two weeks.

Gosh, I’m really tired now.

I’m calling in to myself:

“I’m really sick, Self, I can’t make it in today. Can you find a replacement for me?”

Thanks, Myself.

There you have it, folks…a fairy tale from a mom who lives in a shoe. The End.