Grateful 4: March 2013

i had such a late start…two weeks before March 2013 ended, an inspiration blossomed after reading, Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret Gratitude Book and everyday guru’s…Everyday Thanksgiving-March 2013.

i find it very easy to forget, during the busyness of everyday, all the blessings that go unnoticed and never a whisper of a “thank you” leave my lips. this is why i know how i must momentarily stop and reflect on at least four things that i am so thankful for everyday. this is my personal list highlighted everyday and summarized here as a love offering and prayer to the Universe.

~~my dear readers, please know i do not expect you to read through this long list…just sharing the blessings in March and saying thank you dear Universe…♥

i am grateful 4… spring seasonthe freedom to create & share with so many folks around the world via this blog and other social networkshoneybeesthriving cactus plants on my windowsill, majestic creations…horses, Earl Grey tea, firewood, ♥ ice cream sandwich especially if vanilla ice cream is really, really thick!  public libraries, Friday Fictioneer stories, post-it notesHosanna! Palm Sunday procession, spiritual nourishment…knowing we are all children of God ♥  fresh, cream filled chocolate donuts! ☺ learning to balance in Bakasana or Crane yoga pose. Monday. I love this day because it works like a fresh start into new projects, ideas, planning etc.☺coming home to sweatpants/shirt and fuzzy warm socks, PBJ (peanut butter jam) sandwiches, getting bills paid on time, a very busy day getting the TO DO list completed. Yay! Lasagna with lots, lots, lots of cheese! soothing classical guitar songs on the radiobook written by Loung Ung: First They Killed My Father, warmer weather with lots of sunshine! ☼ tasty leftovers ->lasagna!  cooking ovens and refrigerators, grammar lesson on future tense, Holy ThursdayGod’s unlimited blessings, Institution of the Eucharist. Passover meal celebration with friends, Good Friday. St. Teresa of Avila‘s poem: The Way of the Cross, grateful stray dogbeing able to help a stray dog with some food and water. ♥ the special mention for the post, “Soriya” over at Ligo Haibun. Holy Saturdaysilence, simple meals, time spent with family. Amen ♥

☼sunLOVE to you all!

© 2013-simplycharming

It’s No Secret

It’s no secret, a little bit of daily gratitude can spring forth new life.

spring is here

It is official. Spring season is here and where I live, traditionally, many people begin spring cleaning projects. Yes, I am feeling a great impetus to freshen up not only my physical surroundings but also take on a new project that hopefully develops into a good lifetime habit.

Some of you know my January and February challenge was to spend fifteen minutes every day practicing mindful sitting/meditation. With both months combined that makes 59 days of successful sitting. Yay, me! Anyway, if you follow Janice over at Your Daily Dose, she holds accountable anyone interested in keeping his or her monthly resolutions. She is awesome like that. If you need a resolution buddy, Janice is your answer.

Since mindful sitting is now part of my morning routine, it makes sense to step up the challenge to include a daily gratitude practice. You may have seen everyday guru’s, Everyday Thanksgiving and his monthly summary. It is a great idea.

So, every day I will find four grateful moments and share them on my side bar titled, Grateful Today 4.

The first entry…

Grateful Today 4:

  1. The Secret Gratitude Book by Rhonda Byrne
  2. Spring season!
  3. The freedom to create and share with so many folks around the world
  4. honeybees

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Today, what is the one thing you are grateful for? Please share…

♥ ♥

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