go out and screw up!!

you want to write but nothing comes
so many Words running wild upstairs
come on down, all of you Words!

(before i go out and screw up!!)

It’s an order, I said

march, march, march and do hurry!
We got finger tapping, anxious eyes–waiting–
waiting for all of you, Words, to tumble across this page
What is that you say?
anthony Robbins is here? You mean, the author of the great book, Awaken the Giant Within/actor/professional speaker/peak performance coach (whatever that is)–is really here??

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Well, Words, do take your time coming down–let the master Robbin speak:

“Live life fully while you’re here.
Experience everything.
Take care of yourself and your friends.
Have fun, be crazy, be weird.
Go out and screw up!!
You’re going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process…”

wait, don’t go out and screw up just yet, there’s more of motivational speaker anthony Robbins below…

but, Oh, my shy little Words, see how you must work?


 Come down and have FuN UnDeR the SuN

Let go of your ego and be carefree and remember mr. Robbins is still here, so listen…

“Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes:
find the cause of your problems and eliminate it.
Don’t try to perfect;
just be an excellent example of being human.”
~anthony Robbins

when Words seem distant and far away

why not let your hair down

and simply write

all those reluctant Words you hold back

forget all writing rules just for a minute and let yourself

GO under the sun— with your Words– and have some fun

then… Go out and screw up...

                     … just be an excellent example of being human.

me?  i’m just having some fun today being crazy and weird

hey, i’m only human, right?

Weekly Image Of Life: Fun Under The Sun.