Ligo Haibun Challenge | The Runner

The Runner. She always expected a sunshiny, carefree life. Never thought her older brother would die unexpectedly leaving her high school years like a living hell. Her brother’s shadow was her comfort zone. She followed him like a devoted fan. In her darkness, she grieved. Meandering slowly to the track field one day, she impulsively jumped into a race. Like a fleeting moment when the rays of the sun gently teases between the flickering tree leaves; she discovered her ability to run at top record-breaking speed.

On a full athletic scholarship, she raced successfully through college, met and married her running coach, trained, and later won four gold Olympic medals. No one questioned her superhuman running track record; but soon, missed drug testing began to uncover, the Runner’s excuses did not make sense. She stood firm that accidents, rumors were all part of the game. After all, she was, The Runner! However, court day came, her husband/coach made his full confession. Nevertheless, The Runner went on for years, vehemently denying steroid use. Hate lies, was all she said and watched her marriage evaporate under the heat. Her skin began to pale turning ashen white and finally, she lost all consciousness of the sun’s light and healing warmth.

Prison du palais des Doges

behind cold steel bars
denuded perjured runner
blinded beyond repair

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