Free Writing for 5 Minutes…It’s Risky Business!

Danger, Risk, Adrenaline, Fear, falling, 5 minute Friday

Risky Business, the movie with Tom Cruise, I don’t remember much of it since I tend to ahem, nap during movies that have not so interesting things going on for this brain. I really need to work on this.

Back to the topic, risk. Life is a series of risk…what do you think? Should I try to avoid taking risks? No, how can we grow in character if we fail to take risks. Learning to drive is a big risk not only for the driver but the passenger who has to accompany you. Yikes.

Passenger to new driver: “Watch out, bread truck!” or “Crap, didn’t you see that stop sign?”

Life is full of risks, but if we can learn to keep cool and jump with confidence; it’s worth all the risks.

Risks…love the adrenaline rush or fear the risk of the fall? 

* Hey y’all, this was my first entry for Free writing exercise in five minutes and I hope you decide to take up the challenge and join up.