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Gratitude in Motion: December and Goodbye 2013…

I had this planned for the last day of December, but due to unforeseen technical problems, you now have the final post on January 1st instead. Everyday I write four grateful moments and wrap it up at the end of the month. It truly is amazing how good life truly is when we pause, reflect, and realize the abundance we own even in times when we struggle financially.

Thank you for BIG and little things, fun and painful events and 

4.[…empty spaces]

– small talks with friends – Waka poetry – eating utensils, especially forks – glass – bumping into friends when running errands  – full day of doing many things – tripod head stand – plastic sandwich bags – the color red – jigsaw puzzles – comedians… 

painting, Japanese woman, chopstick, gratitude, December 2013

Gratitude in Motion: alternative eating utensil…the chopstick.

– nightlight with wax scented air freshener – laughing so hard tears fall and belly aches!!– privately run animal shelters. 

Thank you for spiritual, mentally and physical nourishment…

– gala apples – leftover turkey meals – spiritual uplifting words – homemade chicken soup – smoked salmon – pasta and more pasta dinners…

Haiku Mind: 108 Poems, gratitude, December 2013, book

Gratitude in Motion: – “Haiku Mind” by Patricia Donegan

– wonderful illustrated children’s picture books – sweet grapefruit – hot cocoa with whipped cream…

Dalai Lama’s wisdom words: “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

– salami – hot cider – rotisserie chicken – eggnog – Tabasco sauce – leftover turkey sandwiches – pastrami sub sandwich – not burning the popcorn.

Thank you for creature comforts that pamper and spoil…

a warm home – layers of warm clothing to wear – winter boots – oil heaters – lemon zest body lotion – warm fuzzy blankets – wool socks – fireplace – flannel sheets and pillowcases – classic movie night with Clint Eastwood: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

– fabric softener to minimize static electricity out of clothing – closet full of clothes – thick carpet flooring – Burt’s Bees lip balm – fur boots

Thank you for Christmas season…

– live nativity scenes – hearing the sound of first snow falling – snow play – snowball fights – angel role in Christmas play –  melting snow

enough snow to make little snowmen – being snowed in at home

dashing through the snow…

– Christmas tree displays – Salvation Army bell ringing donation collectors – bright starlight on Christmas tree

– the house cat who now thinks she must sleep under the Christmas tree

– icicles

– AFrankAngle’s tee-shirt gift & weekend party ☺On the AFA Holiday Gift Party!!!!!!

– family and friends get together – warmer temperatures melting ice from trees and power lines – sunny Christmas Eve – glittery pine cones – colorful sock collection gift – sugar cookies!! – singing Christmas carols with friends – Monopoly game night

– icicles finally melted away – handmade knitted scarves – new year’s eve – taking in the last of the Christmas lights and decorations

And, when is the right time to dismantle all the Christmas lights and decorations? Day after New Year’s day…after Ephiphany? Or just leave it up till next year?? Any advice? 

THANK YOU to my Chuckles, blog dog who takes time out of his busy days to write on awards but mainly focuses on posing for photo shoots, eating and snoozing…

gratitude in motion, december 2013, Chuckles, blog dog, awards

Chuckles: “Er, no…do not ask me to take a bath again. It simply ruins my photo shots!!”

Finally, to some wonderful friends, Little Binky and her Granny, they delivered the Best news of the year 2013…. in a row | angelswhisper2011.

thank you Little Binky and Granny!

And we were Nominated For Awards (the Inner Peace award and WordPress Family award) by Miss Spicy Hat n’ Sugar Socks from KitchenSmitten. Both images are already in our Razzle-Dazzle Awards page so no need to post again. Thank you, Miss Ayesha, and…

another thanks to YOU all, my blog friends,

for a really FAB 2013!

Love and ☼HUGS


Great Pyrenees, Chuckles blog dog, canine,

Gratitude in Motion: Last Weeks of October

Autumn Pond, Roger Lynn, October gratitude, list, Gratitude in Motion,

A Roger Lynn Photograph

Now you know I must send out my Gratitude in Motion list before it never gets done – oh, heavens! Where does the time go!?! ☺In the last weeks of October…

Grateful For the little things: scattered leaves swirling – soft throw covers – BlogHer articles – family owned convenience stores –  garage sales  coconut scented shampoo – October rainfall

– St. Margaret M. Alcacoque words “The divine heart is an ocean full of good things…it is an ocean full of joy to drown all our sadness…an ocean of love in which to submerge our poverty.”

– Frontline Flea and Tick prevention – fresh dew glistening like diamonds on the grass – Merlot wine – getting laundry done before 7 am – rabies vaccinations – Temple of Artemis – Gary Young poetry – Akismet spam busters – leggings – Mary Shelley’s book, Frankenstein

Grateful For nourishment: Green tea with peach flavor – one pot noodle & vegetable dish – black bean salad – chamomile tea – spice cake – apple filled donuts – roast turkey dinner – roasted dandelion root tea – homemade spice cake, pancakes, brownies with chopped walnuts – chocolate chip mint ice cream – Powerade – Sprite soda – hot chocolate evenings – BBQ steak dinner – chocolate candies

Great Pyrenees, Chuckles blog dog, canine,

Chuckles: “The vet called me a fatso…a 40 pound overweight fatty. Wah, and I hate raw carrots!”

Grateful For Inconvenience and conveniences: forty degree night temperatures – central heating – heartworm tests for dogs –  iPhone camera – warm winter clothing – challenge to get my dog to eat raw carrots to lose extra 40 pounds

– recycling plastic shopping bags as trash liner – magnetic photo frames – ancient history trivia – natural ingredient bath soap

– Pic Monkey photo editing site – poison ivy solution that helps control the awful weed – rain puddles

Grateful For special moments: movie night with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson: The Island…

– Ligo Haibun Honorable Mention: Endless Winters

October skies, gratitude, nature, sunsets– October sunsets –affordable auto oil and filter change – my dog being free from heart worms – weekends… 

– classic movie night: Throw Momma From the Train with Danny DeVito & Billy Crystal – clear skies – musical performances

– military employees – learning how to add social media icons – stretch out yoga poses for tired muscles – full moon evening – Basho’s haiku

…and to all of you that share your thoughts and precious time with your posts and comments – thank you. You are a blessing. ♥

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Iridescent Morning

Tan Renga November Challenge: Day 6. Yes, I am one day behind schedule.  *Steph from Restraint Unfettered is the featured haiku writer today. Her beautiful haiku comes first followed with my two, seven-syllable line ending.

the eucalyptus
captures the iridescence
in the morning fog*

a flash of lustrous colors
fuse with first sip of chai tea

common grackle, haiku, tan renga, writing challenge, iridescent,

Common Grackle

…And how did your morning flash on today?

 — — —

inspired by:

Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge

thanks for joining me today

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September’s Reflection: Everyday Give Thanks

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♥Everyday give thanks. ♥

In a blink of a moment, life can come to a complete halt. Sometimes luck may warn us ahead of time but what if tomorrow never comes?

Since time is ephemeral, I make it a serious habit of finding at least four blessings everyday to be thankful for.

Also, I know how I fail big time staying in touch with both my long time readers and new subscribers, but please know my effusive heart thanks you all –

Thank you for your unfailing support and love.

In September, I am grateful for…Kindness, comfort and little things I often miss in my busy days…

– recycled hand-me-down clothing – fresh aroma of just washed clothes – comfortable shoe gel inserts – time spent streamlining clothes to give away – getting bills paid on time – peaceful visits to church sanctuary – small family farms…

– dedicated volunteers helping recovering substance abuse people stay on track

an opportunity serving over forty families at community food bank… 

– dedicated health care workers – a smiling four-month baby girl in church nursery – morning sunlight streaming through the window – watching leaves starting to fall – invention of the desk stapler – portable plastic storage bins – door knobs – brick homes – soft carpet floors – our human cervical spine – foaming hand soap…

– good works inspired by St. Vincent de Paul

gratitude, postaday, spider, list, photograph, nature

Busy worker wrapping up a McSpider Happy Meal…

– lip gloss – movie night with J. Depp’s Public Enemy – last few days of September… 

– finding assorted bugs to feed giant garden spiders 

I am grateful for…Nourishment and…crock pot steel-cut oatmeal breakfast – homemade pearl tapioca pudding – leftover beef brisket compiled over fried corn tortilla, melted cheese, sour cream, salsa and lettuce…

– extra-large supreme pizza– homemade buttermilk banana bread – peppermint tea – homemade Indian Taco – fresh sweet pineapple salad – buttermilk…

– crock-pot beef stew – sharp cheddar cheese – mocha ice coffee – after dinner mints…

– community food bank volunteers working hard rain or shine 

I am grateful for…Happy moments, surprises that delight and…a big Great Dane dog seeks your protection when it fears – fingernails…

– peace found in God – hand lotion – early morning rainfall – large size at low-cost dog shampoo

two years flying with WordPress

– thankful for a quick recovery from disastrous blog theme change back to original theme…whew!

– festivals that honor the dead…like Obon celebrations – parent(s) that stay focused on raising mindful and respectful children – God’s sustaining love and much-needed rainfall this morning…

Jack Russel Terrier puppy

Grateful for a Jack Russel Terrier playful spirit – and no, this is only an Internet look-alike version of the pup I know. ☺


I am grateful for…Convenience found…in aromatic fabric softener – a two kitchen sink feature – remembering to pick up toilet paper from store…

– dirt roads with little to no dips or holes to mess up your truck tires

 – digital photo frames – electricity – sharp scissors – empty cardboard boxes to refill and reuse…

…and one more thing, a haiku of course:

In silence
September days bid farewell
bows in gratitude



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In Fond Memory : A Ligo Haibun Affair

Greetings and welcome to another Ligo Haibun ChallengeThis week’s writing prompts is two quotations.  I found it easier to include both in my haibun offering today. 

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough” – Rabindranath Tagore


“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful” – E.E. Cummings

oil painting on linen, butterfly effect,haibun, haiku,memory

Drawing up October’s calendar page, I step aside, let September pass with no regrets. I walk outside. I shiver to autumn’s preview – chill icy air nips at my exposed skin. I should go back in, get a sweater. A small butterfly lands near my feet. I stand. I hardly breathe. Do butterflies migrate for winter, hibernate or simply lay down to rest – permanently? Last Friday, cold news came. I heard the flight of a special butterfly, a sudden change of plan – time to discover new heights. My friend, he kept in touch with most of his friends. But his weekly phone call, I did not hear. A broken routine. At his grave site, I listened, laughed and cried. Family, friends…sharing – reflections worth counting, genuine, positive and filled with goodness. The special gifts he gave consistently away: live each moment staying in touch with loved ones and carry a smile – always.

in fond memory
to mud pies and innocence
butterfly kisses

::: ::: :::

tan renga, haiku, carpe diem

Cricket’s Last Song: A Tan Renga Affair

For today’s Tan Renga challenge, you will first read an inspirational haiku by the master Matuso Basho (translated by Chèvrefeuille), followed by the first stanza written by Managua Gunn, second stanza by Carpe Diem‘s host, Chevrefeuille and finally, my offering to cap the renga.

Here goes…

Staying at an inn
Priest and prostitute under one roof —
Bush clover and the moon       © Matsuo Basho 

Cricket’s last song
Even the prostitute hears –
Stops waving her fan              -M. Gunn

nature, tan renga, cricket's last song, carpe diem, writing challenge, haiku

The sound of thunderstorm
Makes the client anxious – Chevrefeuille

Pebbles tossed in rain puddles
Young child hears mama calling – Sun

::: ::: ::: :::