A Carpe Diem Affair: The Peace Within

On this final day in August, a lovely challenge from Carpe Diem, a daily haiku source for inspiration and learning.

My offering:

Desires –
longing to have more
peace thief

release tight grip
accumulate nothing
only Peace

peace within

photo source: Wikimedia commons

Carpe Diem‘s theme, “The Peace Within” is open for submission until September 1, 2013 (11.59 AM CET)

~May you find abundant peace throughout your day. Thank you.


JUNE Grateful 4 Moments…

Hello! Once again, finding inspiration from Everyday Gurus monthly thanksgiving reflection, I humbly follow expressing simply my blessings throughout the month of June.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Grateful for: opera singers; my mom ♥ cayenne spice; backyard BBQ nights; clear blue skies after torrential rain and flooding; poison ivy/oak spray killer; aloe vera gel to soothe dry skin; electrical power outages–the force that gets me doing things not normally done namely, de-clutter & paperwork…

…pocket-size calculators; finding old textbooks (free) with relevant interesting info; big spiders that die on their own–so awful when you must smack them dead;  fancy refrigerator magnets; a stray cat that decided to come over, eat some, then relax and chill out while my cat looked at him…

…finding a tick on my shoulder because it reminded me to pray for those affected detrimentally by nasty tick bites; not hitting any river turtles while driving as they randomly cross the highway due to recent rivers flooding (poor things); a Cuban sandwich lunch; a no rain day; hot tin roof ice-cream; cool summer evening ☺

Grateful for: ceiling fans that work; balanced check book; clothes hangers to keep things looking neat and tidy; tough garbage bag liners; durable, easy to clean reusable water bottles; weekly photo challenges; book by Erin McHugh: One Good Deed ; pencil/pen magnetic holders; ice-cube trays when auto ice maker breaks down; finding out about harem yoga pants; time to do some blog housekeeping; learning about WordPress page attributes and the drop down title listing…

trustworthy air conditioner service repair person who got the cool air running again! pretzel snack; mocha coffee slush drink; a women’s charitable organization that helps women coming out of prison to start back on the right road; beautiful orange lilies growing profusely in the yard; homemade brownies; flip-flops aka rubber slippers;

sick days because it’s a reminder 2 let everything be; Ninja blender because hot summer weather needs slushy drinks in hand; my legs that move me wherever I want to go; my hands because they work hard doing everything i ask from typing on keyboard to holding up a book to read; ice cubes because cold water tastes so much better than lukewarm; vanilla milkshakes in the heat of a summer afternoon; glittery body spray because the light fragrance and sparkles help take your mind off the intense hot summer air blowing all around you…

Clayton McDonald because this young man left the world a powerful message: “life is very short…it’s a vapor...” (Video and full story on Have You Met Clayton Mcdonald)

Grateful for: new ☼sunROOM page; finding out about a rare disease, Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), because i can pray for a cure; inside window ledges because little plants can feel @ home year round; soft, extra absorbent bath rugs…toes & feet oasis; $1.00 hardcover (excellent condition) book sale buys: The Mermaid Chair & Water for Elephants; Spam pasta salad … not healthy but yummy! black forest ham with egg sandwich–delicious ♥ magnesium oil because it’s a natural way to restore magnesium levels within the body

…denim fabric because of its durability and timeless dimension; snakes that keep rat population in check; people who teach you to stay strong in your decisions despite their insistent methods to try to break you down; 15-min power nap; nice new WordPress dashboard updated look; the neighbors who finally mowed their yard…their grass was so long even the snakes and rats moved out; old movie called Cemetary Club because it reminds you to appreciate life and those who care about you; getting a water test kit…just have to figure it out now…

…yoga pose – Salamba Sirsasana or head stand pose; 3 ring binders to help organize my paper life; sandal and shorts weather; simple Friday afternoons at home ☺the opportunity to photograph a children’s theater dress rehearsal; giggly little children not listening very well to stage instructions; wriggly little children in full costume and rubbing off their stage makeup; extra time to read blog posts; big fan in garage to keep Chuckles, the blog dog, cool in 100 degree weather…

summer heat

Grateful for: homemade greeting cards; busyness of Monday morning; my outdoor cat that takes the dive bombs from birds in peaceful manner…she just keeps walking without a care. ☺ not jack knifing a trailer – first time driving one; when you get lost down a dirt country road, the neighbors all know each other & easily direct you to your destination; pull away type cat collars; pretzel sticks that have tons of salt on them…

…having an early morning getting the to-do list checked off before sunrise; making it in on time for the monthly peace challenge; a dead tree in yard – now home for birds…maybe woodpecker. not sure. there are round holes everywhere; outdoor cat finally taking down the bird that dive bombed her incessantly. what now, bird!?!?

::: ::: :::

Thank you.

For those who celebrate the Fourth of July…

A blessed and safe one to you and your loved ones.

international kissing day July 6, 2013

Celebrate the Fourth of July Kiss Under Fireworks
Photo Source: Pinterest

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone-

we find it with another.”
~Thomas Merton

love n kisses

a very cool greeting card!

“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love.

Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.”
~Sai Baba

Love is...

* * *

~let us love one another


fill the world with

 beautiful souls 

…sealed with a kiss from me to you! ❤

* * *

Find more information here at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Love.

High Noon

Today, at high noon, in a chilly, winter moment, a morning scripture meditation became clear.

Winter snow

“For while all things were in quiet silence, and the night was in the midst of her course, thy almighty word leapt down from heaven from thy royal throne…in the midst of the land…”

Wisdom 18: 14-15

Christmas, the birth celebration of a baby boy born somewhere in a dark, wretched stable with only a simple carpenter father to help a lowly handmaid mother.

We hear of no complaints from either parent but only a silent humble royal birth.

* * *

In the midst of whatever may disturb our inner peace, may we pause and reflect on the attitude we keep when confronted with the ordinary, difficult, bleh, boring or insignificant circumstances within our own daily lives.

A Christmas Day reflection inspired by Daily Prompt: High Noon>At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.<

Enjoy a few more High Noon contributors below:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Reflections… “If 5 seconds of smiling can make a photograph more beautiful, then just imagine,

Jack's reflection

if you always keep smiling,

how beautiful your life will be.”


* * *

Window reflections
Doubles the image of Jack
Let’s *live* life* smiling

* * *

This “Weekly Photo Challenge is about reflections in the composition of a shot. Reflections are all around us, whether they’re in a window, a puddle, a mirror, or another surface. They can dramatically affect the feeling and mood of a shot by creating a surreal sense of duality.”

Did this double image of smiling Jack affect the feeling and mood you were in?

If looking at reflections in photographs interest you, why not join the community of weekly photo contributors and share a photo today! Below is a quick peek into some creative photo shares: Enjoy!

The Daily Planner To-Do List Improves With the Plow

Did a simple farm tool cross your mind today? You know the great invention the plow?


–Photo credit: Wolfweb

Yes, the plow, although rudimentary in design, the early plow, if you think about it, really did change the world for humanity. For example, before the plow, finding food was the top goal setting priority for hunter/gatherers.

I think the hunter/gatherer’s daily planner To-Do list was simple.

Hunter/Gatherer Joe’s  To-Do List:

Go hunt meat for wife to cook
Go find water
Go dig up some tasty roots
Go gather vegetables

*Note: Don’t come home empty-handed or suffer the wrath of angry wife.


With the plow, however, man was able to grow food with less time involved and that led to more free time for other activities.

Farmer Joe’sTo-Do List:

Go feed the cows
Go hitch up the old horse to the plow
Go plow the land
Go feed chickens
Go visit neighbor and shoot the breeze on the porch a bit
Go to country store for a game of checkers with the fellers
Go visit Molly, the cute saloon gal and have a swig of whiskey while there
Go harvest the corn, potatoes and wheat

*Note: Ask Molly’s hand in marriage next week


In time, with more modern plows invented, people were able to grow lots of food that led to trading the surplus for goods or services. Since greed is a common defect not easily kept in check, our military and fortification skills may have improved as the surplus needed to be protected from ruthless thievery activities.

Finally, the plow indirectly brought about the modern supermarkets, with their full shelves of so many types of fresh produce, and today’s daily planner probably has changed little except we spend less time finding food and more time doing far more important things.

Suburb Joe’s To-Do List:

Go get coffee at Starbucks
Go to the office and get some work done
Go to the gym for an hour workout
Go to the mall and pick up some running shoes for wife
Go to neighborhood grocery store and pick up bag of apples, milk, bread, frozen pizza and wine.

*Note: Stop at the flower shop and get some roses for wife’s birthday surprise or consider life as over.

* * *

 Has the plow changed your life in anyway? 

* * *