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Thank you to all who supported and cheered me through this Tan Renga challenge.  The wonderful part about this challenge, of course, was the opportunity to collaborate with thirty featured haiku writers and completing their haiku with two, seven-syllable lines.

It sounds easy enough – just write two lines, how hard can that be…but really, I think sometimes, if the goal is to create a similar tone to a haiku, it is far easier if you can elaborate away with many descriptive lines rather than just two little lines!

Today’s featured haiku by **Moondustwriter followed by my two, seven-syllable line finish. My mind lingered over so many countries tragically torn by wars or corrupt government ruling parties.

i hear you speak
waves tumble half a world away
conch’s song**

echoes haunting corruptions
unbearable tragedy

walking away, corruption, tan renga, echoes, haunting,

photo source: flickr

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Inspiration from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge “I Hear You Speak”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

The first day began …
“God saw the light was good.”

Everyday the world greets a new sun rising,
we tumble through our days,
reaching deep for paradise –
a place of endless peace and happiness

I wonder about this utopia –
as the light slowly sets
over loved ones
now resting in peace.

Their souls whispering…

let there be light, cemetery, death, brevity of life, weekly photo challenge, sunset, su light

let there be light
to mourn the silence that comes
the day life ceases

     and nothing remains, except –
our legacy left behind

— — —

More wonderful collections here → Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

This one grabbed my attention…deLIGHTful… → Weekly Photo Challenge-Light (woollymuses.wordpress.com)

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Left Behind

Day five on the Tan Renga November challenge. A day late posting; nevertheless, the featured haiku writer is *Sara McNulty of Purple in Portland. Her haiku poem comes first, followed by my two, seven syllable lines. Thank you, Sara!

life completes circle
at the end of the journey
death draws the last line*

taking note our legacy
that survives when we are gone

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source: Wikimedia commons

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Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge

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Gratitude in Motion: October’s First Half

To hold myself accountable, I post two gratitude reviews in a month sharing the little blessings that come my way. I’m careless at times, what can I say. 

My hope is gratitude in motion will snowball around the world implementing changes for a more peaceful and loving world.

In the first half of October, I am…

gratitude in motion, October,

Gatherin’ firewood ain’t never an easy task…

Grateful for convenient modern life like: nail clippers – smooth writing pens – clear hand soap – earth colored tile flooring – gel ink pens – lotion infused tissues – heavy-duty garbage bag liners – recycled scratch paper –firewood… 

gratitude in motion, October

“I do remember to say grace before I eat…”

Grateful for nourishment like: crispy sweet apples –Greek yogurt – cottage cheese with applesauce – frozen berry milkshakes – buttermilk pancakes and warm maple syrup – a friend’s homemade pizza – leftover beef brisket soup – Thai foodhomemade buttermilk sweet bread  real cola nut extract soda sour green apples that makes the face pucker up – rainbow sherbet dessert – buttermilk  

Grateful for opportunities and blessings like: finding bed sheets on sale – XX-large t-shirts for sleeping in – fun evening with Rotary Club fundraiser – big orange pumpkins – aloe vera body gel – custom-made scratched up sofa designed by my house cat – knowing a stray dog from parking lot found a good fur ever home 

 Honorable Mention post with Ligo Haibun Challenge

– story on NPR on Elizabeth Smart’s rescue after being kidnapped for 9 months at age 14 – hoody pullover – three young deers crossing the neighbor’s yard – successful friend’s knee surgery

WordPress Forum volunteers and Support Happiness engineers for fixing site problem quickly …

human body’s liver and kidneys that work hard to filter out toxins – pumpkins and autumn shop displays  a quiet existence – garage sales before winter – autumn’s decoration with piles of leaves and fallen pine cones gathering on the groundnot hitting a squirrel running across highway… 


“You almost hit me, Lady!”

Grateful forChristmas cactus plant still growing after two years in my lack of care – hearing the sound of thunderstorm early this morning but moved on quickly – a friend suffered only a minor head injury after a fall accident…

the intricate human brain and how it functions…

autumn’s brilliant oranges and yellow colors –  

 October, gratitude in motion, blessings, pumpkins, chrysanthemums

– sounds of laughter among friends telling funny jokes and stories – toddler playtime at church nursery  – human muscular system – windy mornings watching leaves falling all around…foggy mornings  toads and frogs…

Kozo @ everyday gurus on a 10-day silent retreat adventure…

 Rotator cuff muscles that stabilizes shoulders – ceramic coffee mugs – magnolia trees– fingernails and toenails that serve as protection and for some art canvas…

– St. Teresa of Avila’s words “Let nothing disturb you…All things are passing. God never changes.”

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Thank you and abundant blessings – always. ♥

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Salvation: Carpe Diem Imagination Affair

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salvation –
to gain your deliverance
train mind and body

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This morning I was Inspired by Buddha’s words, “Work hard to gain your own salvation,” and Carpe Diem | Imagination challenge.

Have a look at Carpe Diem and if you feel inspired, link up a haiku. The challenge is open until October 16.

Peace be with you ☼

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Thirsty Seekers – A Ligo Haibun Affair

not only the thirsty seek the water,

the water as well seeks the thirsty. – Rumi.

Posing Clean (Extra #85)

When the so-called born again spirit came upon me, like a monk, my walk became more meditative – modest clothing, head shrouded in a cloud cover. With bible in hand, but really just like an empty cracked cup, I searched for wisdom’s flavored water. I thirsted for its enlightenment – the cool purifying drink. It was when a solitary bird stood in a rain puddle – an opening of clouds rained in. Life changing thoughts: Look around me. I must see the people drowning – in the dirty waters of illiteracy and poverty.

I fill soup cups on Thursday’s community free supper nights. Off flew the little bird with the fanatical me. Thanks be to God.

privileged lifestyle calls –
to soothe dehydrated lips
love found in sharing

Written for Ligo Haibun Challenge: Persian Songs