Love’s Illusion is in the Air!

We know what we are,

But we know not what we may be.

~William Shakespeare

May 2012.

Most high school graduations in the United States have taken place or soon will take place.

Congratulations to all recent graduates!

Some of us remember graduating from high school like it was only yesterday, and others, because it happened so many years ago, have only flashbacks of some good and not so good memories.

Good memories would include finding your perfect prom date, getting the perfect attendance award, winning scholarships, passing the ACT standardized tests, getting accepted into the college of your choice, and having so many high school friends, that signing your yearbook would be such a challenge…

“I can’t find a blank page to write on!!”

A not so good memory is unfolding…

It’s funny in a way, how at eighteen, one can feel like one knows everything there is to know, think we know who we are, and get a bit ruffled if someone tries to hint that they may know more than YOU know YOU!

So, I know this young lady, just graduated this May 2012.

Fine and dandy.

The problem arrives when you mesh reckless love with young fresh minds; it usually leads to not knowing what a person may be. Or, may become.

Stacy, (name changed to protect this poor child) has decided, she knows everything. Today, she moved in with her twenty something boyfriend of only six months or so, both have quit their current jobs at a fast food restaurant and are waiting to hear from prospective job applications.

Hmmn, very smart move, wouldn’t you agree??

Love is in the air.

Neither have a car. They say the bus system is wonderful.

Love is really in the air.

They have signed a one-year, $500.00 month rent contract.

I can hear this couple saying:

“We know we are madly in love

But we know not what we may be.”

I don’t want to say it but, could this be classified as stupid love??

Just wondering…