SUNDAY POST :From a Distance–STRIKE!!

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Aim straight for your goals…

I love to go bowling. Occasionally, more often than not, I lose track of my goals on hand and my life begins to unravel. When I find myself floundering and I am acting out my best, oh-poor-me attitude, I know it is time to visit the nearest bowling alley.

If you have visited a bowling alley, you know the immediate energy you may receive as soon as you walk into a busy, all lanes taken, bowling alley.

One can get such an energy rush hearing the bowling pins being wiped off-balance; the back/palm slaps of winning team members; the loud cheers and laughter of happy people everywhere and unfortunately, a few, ker-blat, when a bowling ball (hopefully not yours) rolls into the gutter or drops accidentally from your grip!

Oops!! (You look around hoping no one noticed your spastic move!)

Okay, the food at bowling alleys are usually never considered “fine dining” stuff. I never go expecting to find inspiration for my life in stale nacho chips, tasteless burgers and watered down sodas, but, where I do find my recharge is in the game itself.

If you desire a winner’s heart in both bowling and life, learn the ways of trophy winning champions. Like a bowler getting ready to score big, you start from a distance–take careful aim–focus on your goals on hand; and, with a whisper of a prayer and without hesitation: release your bowling ball and your ambitions and remember, keep-the-ball-rolling, through sweat, tears and pain.

Do not give up, ever!

The best bowling lesson I receive every time I bowl is this:

If you persist aiming from a distance, releasing your efforts with everything you have, there comes a point in the game when you strike out as a winner–perhaps even a few friends to share in your success!

From the distance, are there any sports or recreational games you find your recharge and inspiration?

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