SUNDAY POST: Blossoms–Raw & Nourishing

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust (

On days when my brain decides a healthier lifestyle is in order, eavesdroppers can get entertained with silly notions from my rambling brain as it obsessively attempts to take me down the raw food highway. Check it out for yourself.

“Go outside and collect some blossoms from the garden, Sunshine. You know, the edible ones . . . make sure um, no pesticides or any animal has dropped its disgusting poop on it. There are plenty of apple and orange blossoms about and the squash blossoms always add a colorful treat to any raw salad.”

It’s time to take up the raw food lifestyle and you know it! Stop putting if off and for crying out loud, quit buying all that junk food! I’m the brain here and regardless of what body tells you, drinking coke and eating chips and chocolate candy bars are not going to wear well on you in the next few years.

Let’s see, I think this should be a good place to start . . .”

The ultimate way to start any day is with a tasty plate of fresh squash blossom salad and loving companions who bring much happiness. . . --Photo source: Google Images

May all your days be filled with charming gardeners that attentively work at nourishing your soul to blossom to its fullest potential!

Have you a favorite blossom(s) you like to prepare into your salads?

Sunshine xoxo

Created especially for Jakesprinter, SUNDAY POST : Blossom.