Meet Me By Moonlight…Alone…

no stress today…just a little quote rehash…

Meet me by moonlight alone,

the autumn moon
And then I will tell you a tale
Must be told by the moonlight alone,
In the grove at the end of the vale!
You must promise to come, for I said
I would show the night-flowers their queen.
Nay, turn not away that sweet head,
T’ is the loveliest ever was seen.
~J. Augustus Wade


…a little poetry by the moonlight…alone, with you…

Nightblooming Cereus Cactus

Queen of the Night
photo credit: Wikipedia

My tale my dear is for you to see
A special bloomer under the moon’s light
To give night pollinators, like moths and honeybees–
a rare glance over at the aromatic white petal,
Queen of the Night–
Blooms just ONCE on a summer night.
Hardly a plant, and sometimes known as
The Cereus cactus–
She is the loveliest and majestic queen
Ever to be seen
By moonlight alone. 

~sunshine 2012

* * * *

Have you found, under the moon’s light, any other surprising night bloomers?

* * * *

A Simply Charming Thank YOU!!

Hello charming Friends…today in the United States we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day!

My special thanks to all of you readers who shared precious moments with me this past year…I depend greatly on your friendship.

Thank you.

The Thanksgiving Day mantra.

Happy Thanksgiving Day.


Travel theme: On Display–Pumpkin Friend

On display, a pumpkin friend among fall flowers…it made me smile…

display, autumn, photograph, pumpkins, season

On Display: Autumn…colors changing…flowers richly blooming and slowly bidding goodbye before winter spreads its blanket of snow…leaves falling from trees…hay bales and glorious, rich pumpkins ready for display decorations and pumpkin pies!

* * *

On Display: Meditative words…

“We cling to our own point of view, as though everything depended on it. Yet our opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter, they gradually pass away.” ~Chuang Tzu

Have you recently smiled over an “On Display” moment?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

mine got hit by a truck, ford, mine moment

Heellooo? Right person??

Wah!! I want to be selfish (stomping feet & arms flailing)…did you see MINE???

* * *

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photograph, buried, hidden, ben franklin quote, life

reflecting further…

some people die at 35 and aren’t buried until 75

some people die at 45

at 55

at 65

and aren’t buried until 75


some people live at 25 and aren’t buried until 75

some people live at 45

at 55

at 65

and aren’t buried until 75


reflecting in this some people moment


i wonder where i stand


have you ever had such a moment?

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A Gentle Creative Moment

In the gentleness of a creative moment, may an unexpected surprise float in like a gossamer feather tickling itself into the undiscovered places of your imagination.

creative moment, nature, feather, unexpected, imagination, surprise,

In memory of Daria Donnelly: A wife, mother of two children whose life was cut short by multiple myeloma. The above quote was gently written from Daria’s deathbed–                                                                Rest in peace, Daria. (1959-2004)

 Where do you find your gentle creative moments?