Uninvited Guests

With spring season in full bloom, you and I know what lovelies begin to appear on our doorsteps with their knocking and screaming, “Let us in!”

Well, some, the nerve, waltz in uninvited and make like they own your living room, bedrooms, and even find their way under your bed covers. Occasionally, they simply hang around kitchen floors to surprise you in the middle of the night while you sleepily shuffle to the fridge, slurp down that nice cold water because somewhere between midnight and three o’clock your throat turned into a very, very dry desert location.

Suddenly, your sated thirst quench sound “AHHH, that’s good” turns to “OOHH, AiYEEEE!!!!”

Today I  want to focus on one nasty arachnid that is not an insect but related to the spiders and ticks. Now ticks suck big time but I digress… Continue reading

Peace and Good-will to All People

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of  peace on earth, good-will to men!”
–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



May you have a blessed week and see you in 2015.

Cheers! xoxo Sun

toast to abundance, life, tan renga,

Snowflakes and Kisses! Happy 2014!

Because my internet connection is having a rough day, not loading anything complete and/or taking so long just to load a page, let me put aside my original last day of December post and leave this wonderful thought here before I go and hibernate in a warm spot with a good book and a glass of wine…

nature, winter, snowflakes, kissing, heaven, 2014

I hope to catch up with you all next year. Thank you for a wonderful 2013

peace, love and ☼hugs

Ligo Haibun, haiku, writing,

Ready, Set, Action!

Death Valley, ligo haibun challenge, haiku, theatercraft, harmony, wild west

Ready, set, go! I rush up ten stairs, already late, turn left, take three short steps – scramble quick up the next eleven stairs. Just another weekday rehearsal for Deadwood Dick, or the Game of Gold. The theater, small, very old and probably built over a hundred years ago.

Top of the step, as I catch my breath, a strong aroma inundates me.

Not at all offensive, but rather, an enjoyable nostalgic scent. My eyes close and I inhale – the old west. Two weary settlers, with powdery red dirt across their weather line faces, shuffle in old worn leather boots.

strong tobacco cloud
continues to drift in time
coughs the building walls

I remember reading this building once bustled as a popular saloon, with red velvety wallpaper, a swinging bar room door, and a don’t-shoot-the-piano player in the left corner of the room.

bar gals in ruffles
entertains gold rush miners
cards and whiskey shots

The director’s booming voice! I snap quick back to reality. He moves his cast of eighteen across the stage in logical order – his chess pieces. Feisty Calamity Jane (not me) idly chats with Chet – her Man Trap Saloon bartender. Center stage, evil Black ’n Red kidnaps my beautiful long-lost stage daughter, Lily.  Eventually, I, and my burly stage husband, Sheriff Loveless, and host of others, perfect scenes, and at long last – family reunited.

The final day, in vintage western costumes, our last director’s cue line: Break-a-leg!

opening night
spotlights on Wild Bill and Ned
gunfight with villain

Show after show, the audiences hail the performances a success, though, seems nothing good can last. Fatigue or stress?  Calamity and Blackburn, real life hotheaded couple begin to unravel between acts. Dressing room, another drama unfurl – accusations and denial of unfaithfulness.

Camaraderie between cast members wanes.

Without stand ins, the director desperately calls for order. But with focus broken, I begin to feel the parch of the desert, dropping line after line. The final blow comes when others succumb and we all stumble desperately in the heat of the spotlight.

too many pauses
stirs audience to wonder –
is this Death Valley?

— —

Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” – Sallust

Inspiration: Ligo Haibun Challenge | Quote Week and a bit more of a challenge added…come up with a Haibun with a minimum of 345 words, inclusive.

Isaiah 52;7,b4peace,peace,quotation, inspiration

Quote This – A B4Peace Affair

Everyday Gurus monthly peace challenge looks at quotations this month with the goal being to produce quick moments of inspiration as a reminder to continue in the practice of peaceful living. Kozo mentions our quotations may come from any source:

books quotations – poems – sayings – song lyrics – mantras – personal sayings – movie lines – scriptures – anything you heard, read, saw or created.

I find encouraging words from the scripture verse, Isaiah 52:7:

Isaiah 52;7

A Ligo Haibun Affair| Trick Kiss

A kiss is a lovely trick by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.                               Ingrid Bergman

Overgrown field.  A diverse weed choked tangled abyss. Wild flowers – missing. I suspect they grow in places where their roots roam free. I wonder where summer’s golden flowery beauties, the Black-Eyed Susan, have gone.

Worried, writing fears grow wild. Cripples.

I walk alone. Small rocky path along the fence line. Neighbors – all busy, except one. Solitary horse. Idly stands, eager to greet. His swishing tail seems inefficient as it battles a horse-fly army attack.

Horse flies, knife-ripping bastards. Chew off horseflesh leaving a trail of small bleeding wounds – their victory flag. I hop the fence. Spend time talking and stroking horse’s light brown hide.

Exterminate – a word with historical horrors attached, but today – bring on the massacre.

Wipe out blood draining fears of writing mediocrity.

Horse nuzzle
Take them as surprise kisses
Crutches fall

::: ::: :::

Some days I find writing to be a challenge. Do you have those kind of days? How do you get past it? I have found the art of haibun writing a fun way to get out of the “funky” days. It may be because I know a haiku comes with the package – being haiku obsessed lately. Who knows.  I do know if you seek writing inspiration, you can always find it with Ye Pirate’s Cabin Fever – LĪGO HAIBUN. Visit today and be amazed.

Thanks, as always.