Storeroom Drama

Nudging another heavy box against a free wall with her right foot, she decided, enough is enough!

They cannot expect a marketing specialist, with a college degree no less, to be just a stupid receptionist! Answer phones, file these damn invoices, and oh, gawd, serve coffee at their client meetings. This job is so not worth it, she thought, almost aloud, flicking off the storeroom lights, shutting the door to part of her problems, but not before an anxious voice bleated out.

“Having a baaad-ass day, dear? Help me,” the glassy eyes winked in the corner, “and I help you.”

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Inspiration comes from the weekly 100-word story with a photo prompt hosted by Rochelle over at  Friday Fictioneers.

This week’s photo submitted by Adam Ickes




Unforeseen Weather Changes

“Honey, what’s happening?” His wife whined. “I can’t be hanging laundry in this kind of weather and don’t blame me about our electric bill this month!”

Glancing out the window, the screenwriter effortlessly glided his fingertips through his thinning, almost white hair.

He watched the invading dark clouds, again, forcefully directing the incoming storm.

He sighed.

After thirty years of failed screenplays, the cursor key blinked for the last time.

Mi Amor,

Please forgive your loving husband.

I arrived at the dream but drove off halfway. In time, I lost my faith to keep afloat in the storm debris.


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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers, the weekly 100 – word photo prompt story community. Link your story with the Linkz icon and enjoy the variety of stories from so many creative writers from around the world.

Photo Source:  Kelly Sands



It’s Only a Matter of Time

At first it appeared on outdoor inanimate objects. Specifically, beautifully designed statues found in botanical gardens across the United States.

“It’s a mysterious situation, Boss. We tried scraping, using lemon juice and the never-fail, bleach and water rinse, nothing. It resurfaces overnight totally disfiguring the statues in the process,” said the frustrated groundskeeper.

“Well, have the crew continue maintenance,” said the boss, “oh, and the bad news? Hospital emergency rooms are now seeing hundreds of new patients suffering the same mustard yellow fungal-like splotches with the black spores that emit a strong urine odor!”

“Uh, Boss, above your eyes, I see crusty spots.”

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with hostess, Rochelle Wiseoff-Offields. It’s a 100-word story based on the photograph chosen for each week’s challenge.

Photo Source: Claire Fuller

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The Same Ol’ Tune Still Inspires

Reminiscing over a childhood song
the sounds of familiar voices singing
over and over
The same tune, yet, the years intertwine
through every generation
like pastel ribbons serenading
sleepy little ones off to dreamy affairs

in perfect lyrical harmony . . .

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

Though the tune may change, the dreamy lyrics remain the same.

Still inspires.

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake with Michael McDonald.

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Where do you find inspiration? I found mine over at the Daily Post: Fifty-Word Inspiration!




Find the Right Doctor!

It was her dream trip, yet, here she was, suffering, while her cruise ship companions toured the small fishing town awaiting the evening entertainment.

“Oh, doc! How much farther?” she winced, the excruciating pain increasing.

“Just a few more steps, Miss Pullman. This is an excellent facility with the proper equipment to help manage your sudden complications. Keep breathing.”

“I feel like throwing up,” she said before fainting.

Twelve hours later, local police identified the missing tourist’s body found in a white van, all her teeth removed.

The doctor pleaded guilty and admitted his fetish for wearing human teeth jewelry.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers, the 100-word weekly photo prompt writing challenge and the idea that your teeth may be worth saving  –  Disturbing Jewelry Made of Real Human Teeth and Hair by Dorothy Tan  🙂

Photo Copyright: Ted Strutz



Wind of Change

An uninvited warm wind stirs
the red dirt around my white leather
sandaled feet, it shimmers,
like the bronze on your highlighted cheekbones.

Alley Behind Our House

The best of friends, you and I,
our walks to school with only the blah-blah
on all those boys we wished would call
but only the Northern Mockingbirds back-chatted.

The country wind finally blew you
to the bedazzling stage lights in the big city,
traded over the star-filled country nights,
Did you forget, your mother’s birthday, yesterday?

She asked me if I heard from you
as I stood with nothing but a blank stare
before the nurse wheeled her away
down the long, dusty hall of her nursing home.

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Inspiration: Day two, (yeah, yeah, don’t laugh 😆  so hard because I’m way behind) assignment from Writing 101: Blogging University June 2014.

Photo Source: Flickr via Kevo1221 “Alley Behind Our House”