Spring, I’ve Missed You So . . .

hello dear friend,
Spring . . .
i’ve missed you so

shivering under
cold embrace and Continue reading

A Carpe Diem Affair: Risshuu, or the coming of autumn

On this first day of September, Chevrefeuille writes: “What a joy … nature’s putting on her festive clothes in a grand farewell to summer.” 

To kick-off this new month, how about a haiku challenge titled, Risshuu, or the coming of autumn.

I thought three haiku verses should cover it – see what you think:

Coming of autumn
Impeding separation
Stirs sadness within

Resplendent colors
Sweep slow across the landscape
Tender good-bye kiss

Farewell to summer
Tree leaves disappear –
With autumn angel

coming of autumn

photo: Wikimedia Commons

Autumn – such a pretty season full of changes and definitely cooler temperatures. What do you like about autumn? For those celebrating the three-day Labor Day weekend, have lots of fun and stay safe.

Thanks, and until next time, may you find charming angel inspiration all around you!  ☺