Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Illumination set to action
Whenever the emotion, fear, draws near
I whisper a childhood prayer with devotion
it brings forth words that soothe and gently embraces
My racing heart–
It almost seems to stop, but I quickly call out…

Angel of God my Guardian dear
To whom God’s love commits me here
Ever this day be at my side
To light and guard
To rule and guide

guardian angel

“An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision.”

~St. Thomas Aquinas

* * *

In time of need, do you seek illumination from the angels?

* * *

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Sneak previews!! Enjoy…

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

Thank you, readers, for sharing a part of you this past year with me…I am grateful, deeply, for the time you spent making this tiny spot in the vast WordPress universe a big success.

May the Divine One bless us with lasting peace, joy and love.

If you click on the first photo, it will take you on a mini tour highlighting a few cherished moments I shared throughout 2012. Enjoy!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Some professions, by its high academic standards and training of their students, occasionally makes dealing with these professionals a bit foreign in feeling...or maybe, out-of-place from normal daily life. Take for example, the language lawyers use because of their specialty training. It speaks very much like one from a foreign country.

"foreign law files"

File under Foreign files…

It is like going to Greece and you do not speak Greek! You encounter foreign language law books…

Law books

Shelve under Foreign books…

Really old law books.

Shelve under classic Foreign law books…

2011 lawyer list

Do not shelve! Updated Foreign law listing…

Their foreign law humor…

lawyer decor

Their foreign law artwork…
gentlemen of the jury

Their foreign law wisdom quotes…

time and advise from lawyers

“A lawyer’s time and advise is his stock in trade.”

Thank goodness, Jerry Seinfeld playfully describes what we all need to know before some of us travel over to foreign lawyer country:

“What are lawyers really? To me, a lawyer is basically the person that know the rules of the country. We’re all throwing the dice, playing the game, moving our pieces around the board, but if there’s a problem, the lawyer is the only person that has actually read the inside of the top of the box.”

plaintiff vs defendant

When visiting the legal world, one usually hires a lawyer to help navigate successfully in this foreign land…

Well, it is all Greek…I mean, foreign to me.

This Weekly Photo Challenge is Foreign. According to the definition given, “Foreign… (rightly so) often brings up images of things outside of your own nation, it can also apply to things outside of or different from your normal environment, or even something which is out of place in general.” 

* * *

 Is there a profession that screams FOREIGN to you?

* * *

*Is anyone else experiencing Zemanta not showing up in edit post page? Just wondering…

Photo Credits: Private law firm collection.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy!!!!

If you hover over these photos, you will find where happiness is…

These photos are my first attempt at using the new tiled galleries in order to stream line a photo collection.

In case you did not hover over the above photos, happy times for me, and I think for many, is receiving gifts from friends and loved ones.

“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.”

~Richard Bach

Some of my gifts included beautiful roses,  getting (hehe…) Naked, the gift of the public library, a “to-die-for” Keurig coffee maker, delicious Godiva Dark Chocolates, my precious gift of faith and the comfort drink, Irish Cream Liqueur.

Cool huh?

I am ever so grateful for all gifts received including all of you awesome blog friends out there. Thank you for making my world, oh sO very HAPPY!!

Last, but not least, wisdom words to live by…

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.~Ben Carson

 + + +

Have you recently received a gift(s) that brought pure happiness to your soul?

+ + +

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

My first thought for a solitary life traveler

solitary, journey, traveler, postaday,adventure,

First Thought Friday: A Solitary Journey

Down the grassy road less taken
Thinking how this journey could turn to be the most exciting adventure ever to happen


Be so seriously hazardous for one’s health.

rough journey, solitary mishap

First Thought Friday: A solitary “uh-oh” moment…        *eek*     & H-E-L-P!!!

* * *

 Should she continue on her solitary life journey???

* * *

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A Collectible that R-O-C-K-S!

Sometimes one can find God unexpectedly in one of nature’s collectible items such as in a simple rock:

“I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him.
rock,God,sunday post,collectible,photograph,nature,collection,blogging
He alone is my ROCK and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.”
~Psalm 62: 1-2

It is easy to start a simple rock collection. Usually, a few steps outside will have you stumbling over a few, if not many, various rocks of different sizes and shapes. It is easier to find rocks living in country towns where dirt roads are as common as paved sidewalks are to big city towns, but, if one looks long and hard enough, rocks can be uncovered in the least expected places.

Heck, the easiest would be to go buy yourself a rock collection.

Now, once your rock collection starts to take off, finding ways to display your collection is also easy. For example, by adding a few river rocks to a simple prayer/meditation table it can help visualize the fortress, the Divine One made visible; the ROCK of safety, ready to shelter and protect during any earth shattering life storms.

sunday post, collectible,rocks,God,meditation,prayer,writing,blogging,inspiration

Other people have used their rock collections for hot/cold stone massage, as decorative pieces in their rock garden and one woman I know fills her guest bathroom sink with small rocks she picked up over in the garden supply. Washing your hands over rocks brings a bubbling brook right into your own home!

So, rocks, as a collectible, can be an economical, practical and best of all, spiritually inspiring for those looking for a “solid” way to build a collection that R-O-C-K-S!


Do you have a favorite collectible that simply rocks your world?


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