Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Happy New Year!


This is the first 2013 Weekly Photo Challenge:

Why not share a photo which represents one of your New Year’s resolutions? 

Fabulous! Here we go…

* * *

AMAZING things happen when you pause to pray–

“Make me into the image you want me to be…”

He sends down a delicious word
to stay all through the new year–
DAILY you work to achieve
in becoming the exact image of your word

And, what have you heard…of your own word?

my interesting word settled in
during a silent morning meditation moment
a rather “balanced” word:


2013 equanimity

i am now RESOLVED to live everyday in a complete state of EQUANIMITY
Tapping the Divine source

While chanting Philippians 4:13…

I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.

* * *

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

The Weekly Photo Challenge looks at Surprise. Well, what if you were sitting on your couch and suddenly, out of the blue comes…


Cock a doodle doooooo!!!!

Rooster Surprise

Did I surprise you?? Hehe…hey, somebody should clean this dirty glass!! How do you expect me, a peeking rooster, to stalk anyone in this house!?!

Curtain Call: Charming Featured Blog

Are you feeling like our world could use a bit more peace? Well, Kozo from Everyday Gurus invites us to work for peace in 2013 by mind fully devoting at least one post a month using the theme: Peace.

Kozo, a surfing filmmaker, a college English teacher, and a world traveler, insists, Bloggers for Peace requirements are SIMPLE and FLEXIBLE. Check it out!!

As a community, I believe, We Can Make a Difference–Right Here, Right Now!

* * *

I’m in…how about you?

* * *

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

delicate gold heart

shimmer like the stars at night

love’s fragile moments

delicate fragile heart

If you enjoy delicate moments, this Weekly Photo Challenge has it all.  For a quick peek, check on some creative entries below: Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

The Weekly Photo Challenge looks at Changing Seasons:

changing season

Changing Seasons: From frivolous summer pool days to stagnant winter blues…

In Changing seasons

Swimming pool once a delight

Now home for algae


* * *

Are you ready to meet your changing seasons? 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Reflections… “If 5 seconds of smiling can make a photograph more beautiful, then just imagine,

Jack's reflection

if you always keep smiling,

how beautiful your life will be.”


* * *

Window reflections
Doubles the image of Jack
Let’s *live* life* smiling

* * *

This “Weekly Photo Challenge is about reflections in the composition of a shot. Reflections are all around us, whether they’re in a window, a puddle, a mirror, or another surface. They can dramatically affect the feeling and mood of a shot by creating a surreal sense of duality.”

Did this double image of smiling Jack affect the feeling and mood you were in?

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Meet Me By Moonlight…Alone…

no stress today…just a little quote rehash…

Meet me by moonlight alone,

the autumn moon
And then I will tell you a tale
Must be told by the moonlight alone,
In the grove at the end of the vale!
You must promise to come, for I said
I would show the night-flowers their queen.
Nay, turn not away that sweet head,
T’ is the loveliest ever was seen.
~J. Augustus Wade


…a little poetry by the moonlight…alone, with you…

Nightblooming Cereus Cactus

Queen of the Night
photo credit: Wikipedia

My tale my dear is for you to see
A special bloomer under the moon’s light
To give night pollinators, like moths and honeybees–
a rare glance over at the aromatic white petal,
Queen of the Night–
Blooms just ONCE on a summer night.
Hardly a plant, and sometimes known as
The Cereus cactus–
She is the loveliest and majestic queen
Ever to be seen
By moonlight alone. 

~sunshine 2012

* * * *

Have you found, under the moon’s light, any other surprising night bloomers?

* * * *