Good Ol’ Country Boys

Copyright-Janet Webb

Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers|100 words on photo prompt.
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Photo Copyright- Janet Webb

“Jimmy, I can’t believe you spent all your money on this ol’ barn! Our kin folks are going to laugh their guts out. Well, shoot, at least the fence looks…dang, is that poison ivy?” wondered Billy.

“Maybe, Billy, so stay clear. Anyway, it seems right to try restore Pop’s once, pride and joy. You remember that unforgettable day the whole community came for our barn raising event? Well, to show my gratitude, I plan to give back by restoring as many historical buildings as possible.”

Billy Ray grinned. “Say, hot-shot attorney, what say we go noodling*?

“You’re on, Bub!” Go!!

*noodling: Form of fishing without the use of fishing poles. Go to a river, find a catfish hole, stick your hand in the hole and hopefully grab yourself a big catfish…and not a snake. 🙂

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