Grateful 4: March 2013

i had such a late start…two weeks before March 2013 ended, an inspiration blossomed after reading, Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret Gratitude Book and everyday guru’s…Everyday Thanksgiving-March 2013.

i find it very easy to forget, during the busyness of everyday, all the blessings that go unnoticed and never a whisper of a “thank you” leave my lips. this is why i know how i must momentarily stop and reflect on at least four things that i am so thankful for everyday. this is my personal list highlighted everyday and summarized here as a love offering and prayer to the Universe.

~~my dear readers, please know i do not expect you to read through this long list…just sharing the blessings in March and saying thank you dear Universe…♥

i am grateful 4… spring seasonthe freedom to create & share with so many folks around the world via this blog and other social networkshoneybeesthriving cactus plants on my windowsill, majestic creations…horses, Earl Grey tea, firewood, ♥ ice cream sandwich especially if vanilla ice cream is really, really thick!  public libraries, Friday Fictioneer stories, post-it notesHosanna! Palm Sunday procession, spiritual nourishment…knowing we are all children of God ♥  fresh, cream filled chocolate donuts! ☺ learning to balance in Bakasana or Crane yoga pose. Monday. I love this day because it works like a fresh start into new projects, ideas, planning etc.☺coming home to sweatpants/shirt and fuzzy warm socks, PBJ (peanut butter jam) sandwiches, getting bills paid on time, a very busy day getting the TO DO list completed. Yay! Lasagna with lots, lots, lots of cheese! soothing classical guitar songs on the radiobook written by Loung Ung: First They Killed My Father, warmer weather with lots of sunshine! ☼ tasty leftovers ->lasagna!  cooking ovens and refrigerators, grammar lesson on future tense, Holy ThursdayGod’s unlimited blessings, Institution of the Eucharist. Passover meal celebration with friends, Good Friday. St. Teresa of Avila‘s poem: The Way of the Cross, grateful stray dogbeing able to help a stray dog with some food and water. ♥ the special mention for the post, “Soriya” over at Ligo Haibun. Holy Saturdaysilence, simple meals, time spent with family. Amen ♥

☼sunLOVE to you all!

© 2013-simplycharming