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Shine On Courageously

Because there will be moments when days seem so dark,
shine on courageously
Because fear will come along and dim those creative lights,
shine on courageously
Because real light is sometimes hard to find,
shine on courageously
Because new beginnings happen,
shine on courageously

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Three word resolution inspired by Trifecta – my first link up. 

Update: A special post by Katie Kurtz from e.g. a writing blog who wonderfully collected all the Trifecta three word resolution for 2014. Enjoy!

NEW YEAR 2013: Equanimity

Don’t freak!

So, 2013 is coming in quick, and if completing the long list of 2012 resolutions we made at the beginning of this year is like putting on layers of clothing; how many of us got fully dressed this year?

Got Caught

Caught again with very little 2012 New Year’s resolutions done…wimper!!  -Photo credit: DeHKsY

Don’t look at me. That pile over there in the corner is my resolution goals…okay, so I barely got dressed after February!

I do not know about you but gosh darn, thinking up all those resolutions at the beginning of the year and trying to complete them is simply too tiring and useless!  Usually, by December 31, a chilly wind begins to seep right through the skimpy resolution efforts that started on so well in January and February, and now, many resolutions later, have ended up unresolved and piled up in some corner of my room.

Brr and grr!

Well, this year, to heck with attempting to tackle the resolution list! I am packing away the long, tedious resolution list and instead, stripping down to the bare necessities; picking one word and working diligently to make that word become the complete layer of clothing that brings me to a better end by next year.

Quinn Creative: It’s Time for Your Word of the Year, suggests instead of a resolution list, pick a word for the upcoming year and make it a part of you by the end of the year. Quinn states, “you choose a word that will symbolize the year for you–set the intention or create a verbal amulet.”

I think it is a perfect idea!

After frantically sifting through oodles of words, the one I need the most, and one that has settled quite firmly in my mind is…


 mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.
Synonyms: composure, calmness, poise, serenity, self-possession

That is it. Equanimity. I hope to work on, manage, tweak and adjust the state of equanimity within me. Hopefully, by simplifying my year, I can avoid getting caught with a pile of unresolved resolutions.

Wish me luck and away I go to tackle being cool and collected through every crises that comes my way.

Hehe…see my many faces I will be changing by the end of 2013 because…

“I will NOT freak out at anything that comes my way!” 


2013 Word: Equanimity…practice daily to achieve perfection by December 31, 2013. -photo credit: topgold

* * *

What would be your word for 2013?

* * *

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Way Back Wednesday: Feeling Groovy!


Everyone knows how easy it is to make a New Year’s resolution but face it, every year it usually ends up the same way.

Starts with the firecracker explosion and the, pumped up, I’m gonna do it this time! attitude . . . only to find (usually within a couple of months) our resolutions  loitering aimlessly backstage looking for the ass kicking director’s notes and criticisms to get back on stage and finish the show with a bang.

Don’t let your resolutions loiter backstage. You’ve worked too hard, thinking, planning and writing about life changing goal(s) knowing once mastered, they can transform you and maybe even the world into something better.

My 2012 resolutions revolve around living.

A faith fit to live by, a self fit to live with, a work fit to live for, and someone to love and be loved by.

As I step out on the 2012 stage, I can think of no better song than the Way Back Wednesday Feature: Feeling Groovy 59th St Bridge Song by Simon and Garfunkel to keep my resolution up stage until I know how to make the morning(resolutions) last.

Slow down. Put the morning newspaper down, turn the news radio off and spend a few minutes in silent thoughts with God (my someone to love and being loved by!)

Relax my self. Close my eyes and just sit. Just sit in silence . . .  a few minutes today, but work a minute longer each day . . . sitting in silence being comfortable being alone and not afraid of being lonely.

Alone, yet feeling groovy!

Being blessed with excellent health and simply being employed thrills me like it’s a passionate hobby I love doing .

Working hard, yet feeling groovy!

My resolutions revolve around giving.

I’m taking each morning to set a good intention by placing my little self into the lives of others. To see how it is from their point of view and learning to share more and not worry about the cost or the loss.

Let the morning time drop all its petals on me 

Life I love you, all is groovy

Sunshine xoxo

Inspiration and credits:

1. Feeling Groovy 59th St Bridge Song Lyrics of Simon And Garfunkel

http://www.seeklyrics.com/y to sleep

2. Joseph Fort Newton


Sweet (2012) Resolutions

2012 . . . right around the corner. I’m feeling the pressure–what’s it gonna be–huh, huh? What’s it gonna be??

Come on, spill it out on this page. Put it down once and for all.

My mind, it’s not large enough, not smart enough, not creative enough to think on its own.

Come on. Think-think.

Epic fail.

I had to call, Joseph Fort Newton, to help with my 2012 New Year’s resolution. He thought it out for me. Sweet!

LOOK OUT 2012! I resolve to live these words with each breath I take, each step I make, and every prayer I make . . .

A faith fit to live by,

A man praying at a Japanese Shintō shrine.

a self fit to live with,

a work fit to live for,

The Old Gardener, 1885

somebody to love and be loved by–

these make life.

Side by Side

 If we learn how to give ourselves,

to forgive others,

and to live with thanksgiving,

we need not seek happiness–

Golden Tree

it will seek us.

Hey, my mind is turning out something . . . you, dear readers are simply charming and I have enjoyed every minute spent here with you all. Thank you for a memorable 2011 and let’s do 2012 giving of ourselves, forgiving those we failed in the past and always living in gratitude.

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distanc...

Sunshine xoxo

Photo credits: Flickr & Wikipedia

Inspiration: Daily WP #340: What are some possible new years resolutions for you?