A Love Affair Changed My Life

Oh, COOL!  I love the updated My Blogs page with the WordPress New icon button. Did you see how a push on the Inspire icon leads to a…voila, a question just like this one:

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

* * *

Are you kidding me?? You know the ONE experience that turned my life upside down and inside out as– blogging! Yah, it rocks your world too, huh?

For me, everything before WordPress was like the famous nursery rhyme so common long ago–hehehehe. (Hey, is this nursery rhyme still sung to young kids today?)

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a (dreary) dream. 

I guess having a dreary dreamy routine type of life is okay, to a certain point; however, at some crazy moment, you need to hop off the dream boat and wake up to something more, and I mean more than the…drag out of bed, go to work, come home, crash, and get up and do it all again…and again…and again…and…

STOP the dreary!

Anyway, for me, I think blogging can foster the brain into a deeper thought process. It definitely helps to exercise the creative side of ourselves and for some, a fun way to add self-help therapy into their lives. Blogging dropped the whole world in front of me as I sent out post after post after post. Online friendships soon began and now, my journey down the stream turned from dreary to simply, dreamy!

nature's water source

The (dreary) dream life sunk to the bottom of the stream and instead, a renewed love life floated back up…oh, I still have to drag myself out to make a living, but my brain feels very much in the beginning stages of a passionate love affair.

Is your day filled with thoughts about your blog and does it run a bit like mine…”What can I share with my readers today?” “What photos should I use…is my grammar/spelling correct?”  “How do I add this…when should I post…what tags to use”…and on, and on…!

One thing I do know, if this love affair should fade in time, I experienced a dream life…even if for a moment.

Now, that is something to smile about, eh?

Wait, before you go…

* * *

Curtain Call: Featured Blog:

Confession time. Sometimes I am plain lazy. Take for instance when I visit a new blog, instead of leaving a comment, I simply read the post, press the Like icon and dash out quickly!

*my head hangs in shame*

Thankfully, some time ago, I decided to stop my lazy, despicable behavior and leave comments starting with the blog:  Pencil Pilot.  I thought nothing of it until Emma, from Pencil Pilot, returned to thank me for making her day better after reading my comment. Can you believe it? It was a memorable moment in my blog life.

Like most of us, Emma’s life runs with some smooth to turbulent moments and she finds writing “lesson the stress and sting” when confronted with these life upheavals.

By writing and creatively posting, however, is half of the process of releasing stress. The other half comes when readers decide to share some “love” and leave a comment behind. Pure bliss, my friends!

Basically, what I am telling you is, do not follow in my lazy footsteps and please, take a few minutes to add a bit of chit-chat in a blogger’s comment box…you never know who will find your thoughts exactly what they needed to get through their day.

Emma, recently decided to post more often, YAY,  and deals with fear here: 1984 Daily Prompt.

* * *

My Love Affair Lesson:

Some love affairs imprint deeply into a person’s soul and even if circumstances draws the heart away in a season or two, the experiences gained will live on forever like a perfect life dream.

As Kozo from Everyday Gurus would say:




Way Back Wednesday Feature: Sweetest Hangover

I’m having a love affair with a sweet thing. This fling brings such love and affection to me that I can’t wait to come home and see what’s waiting for me. Now ladies, you know looking fine is what it’s all about in keeping the fires well-lit and hot! So, get with it…admire examine yourself in the mirror. First, the front view, uh-huh…turn slowly, now the rear view. Er, looking good so far–but the secret lies with a little perfume and delicious berry wine glossy lipstick and …


Photo of an open fortune cookie

Oh, silly ‘ol me…I should have told you early on that I am hopelessly in love with these fortune cookies! Well, the cookie is alright tasting and shame on me, I have been known to pass most of the cookies over to my very hungry dog. It’s the fortune inside the cookie that has me hooked and eagerly awaiting my daily fortune.

My lifetime collection of fortunes!

You would think my whole fate hinges on a bunch of silly little paper with red or blue writing on it!

 Well, that’s what love does to you…turns you into a walking air head with nothing better to do but blab constantly to everyone  about the hottest thing in your life now. Check this latest love note I got from my sweet cookie…

Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outside.

The best medicine

I love when you make me laugh...you sweet thing!!!

I don’t want a cure…don’t call my Mama…don’t call the doctor…don’t call the preacher…

I’m having a sweet hangover!

Sunshine xoxo

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