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Morning Phone Call

Third day into the Tan Renga November challenge and today’s featured haiku by *Bjorn Brudberg’s Writings. His haiku first, followed by my two, seven-syllable lines. Thanks, Bjorn! 

morning shimmer
dew frosting on furze
a single leaf falls*

shatters the distant silence
the long-awaited phone call

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Artist: Georges Braque

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Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem Tan Renga November challenge

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  • Harvest (
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Gratitude in Motion: October’s First Half

To hold myself accountable, I post two gratitude reviews in a month sharing the little blessings that come my way. I’m careless at times, what can I say. 

My hope is gratitude in motion will snowball around the world implementing changes for a more peaceful and loving world.

In the first half of October, I am…

gratitude in motion, October,

Gatherin’ firewood ain’t never an easy task…

Grateful for convenient modern life like: nail clippers – smooth writing pens – clear hand soap – earth colored tile flooring – gel ink pens – lotion infused tissues – heavy-duty garbage bag liners – recycled scratch paper –firewood… 

gratitude in motion, October

“I do remember to say grace before I eat…”

Grateful for nourishment like: crispy sweet apples –Greek yogurt – cottage cheese with applesauce – frozen berry milkshakes – buttermilk pancakes and warm maple syrup – a friend’s homemade pizza – leftover beef brisket soup – Thai foodhomemade buttermilk sweet bread  real cola nut extract soda sour green apples that makes the face pucker up – rainbow sherbet dessert – buttermilk  

Grateful for opportunities and blessings like: finding bed sheets on sale – XX-large t-shirts for sleeping in – fun evening with Rotary Club fundraiser – big orange pumpkins – aloe vera body gel – custom-made scratched up sofa designed by my house cat – knowing a stray dog from parking lot found a good fur ever home 

 Honorable Mention post with Ligo Haibun Challenge

– story on NPR on Elizabeth Smart’s rescue after being kidnapped for 9 months at age 14 – hoody pullover – three young deers crossing the neighbor’s yard – successful friend’s knee surgery

WordPress Forum volunteers and Support Happiness engineers for fixing site problem quickly …

human body’s liver and kidneys that work hard to filter out toxins – pumpkins and autumn shop displays  a quiet existence – garage sales before winter – autumn’s decoration with piles of leaves and fallen pine cones gathering on the groundnot hitting a squirrel running across highway… 


“You almost hit me, Lady!”

Grateful forChristmas cactus plant still growing after two years in my lack of care – hearing the sound of thunderstorm early this morning but moved on quickly – a friend suffered only a minor head injury after a fall accident…

the intricate human brain and how it functions…

autumn’s brilliant oranges and yellow colors –  

 October, gratitude in motion, blessings, pumpkins, chrysanthemums

– sounds of laughter among friends telling funny jokes and stories – toddler playtime at church nursery  – human muscular system – windy mornings watching leaves falling all around…foggy mornings  toads and frogs…

Kozo @ everyday gurus on a 10-day silent retreat adventure…

 Rotator cuff muscles that stabilizes shoulders – ceramic coffee mugs – magnolia trees– fingernails and toenails that serve as protection and for some art canvas…

– St. Teresa of Avila’s words “Let nothing disturb you…All things are passing. God never changes.”

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Thank you and abundant blessings – always. ♥

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Cricket’s Last Song: A Tan Renga Affair

For today’s Tan Renga challenge, you will first read an inspirational haiku by the master Matuso Basho (translated by Chèvrefeuille), followed by the first stanza written by Managua Gunn, second stanza by Carpe Diem‘s host, Chevrefeuille and finally, my offering to cap the renga.

Here goes…

Staying at an inn
Priest and prostitute under one roof —
Bush clover and the moon       © Matsuo Basho 

Cricket’s last song
Even the prostitute hears –
Stops waving her fan              -M. Gunn

nature, tan renga, cricket's last song, carpe diem, writing challenge, haiku

The sound of thunderstorm
Makes the client anxious – Chevrefeuille

Pebbles tossed in rain puddles
Young child hears mama calling – Sun

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Paradise Driven: A Ligo Haibun Affair

ligo haibun, paradise,haiku, prose, poetry, prose fiction,

Because it rattles a bit like arthritic joints do, as you crawl into bed
some people think the tin can is ready to fall apart
But between the rusty side panels and the wrinkles around our eyes,
we keep rolling along –
down highways and into campgrounds.

tick – tock on the clock
seven o’clock meditation
nature mends its ways

Because there had been,
in the past, breakdowns, some repairable in a jiffy,
others too deep –
we knew, from past exorbitant price bills
the cost of delaying shop repairs.

couple therapy
counselor fixed to wall clock
shaman actor fails

Because intuition packs well between
best friends
Sometimes, getting in touch with what is important
is enough –

auction off spare parts
hold contentment by the hand
paradise driven

_______________________This post – inspired by:  Ligo Haibun Challenge: Share Your Powerful Feelings____why not stop in for the next upcoming weekly challenge. ☺


September Gratitude: Part One

September – the month for some signifies the coming of autumn; for others (like Sonel’s Corner) the season of spring.

Some readers know, every day I (make the attempt) highlight a daily ☼Grateful 4 list on my sidebar. At the end of the month, I compile the list as a gratitude post feature.

Because it takes a good amount of time to compile and time, as we all know, is never enough, I decided it would easier for me to break up my monthly post into two parts.

In this first half, let me say, I love September – and for many reasons. Here, the weather is cooling down, many are returning to school after summer break and on September 14, 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote my country’s national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.

Cover of sheet music for "The Star-Spangl...

September finds me grateful for: Nourishment and comfort that comes with food…

– snack pack yogurt – crock pot cooking –  sub sandwich fully loaded – baby carrots – leftovers for dinner – carbonated drinks – after dinner mints – fresh pineapple – thick crusted pizza – finding a dry dog food my dog actually likes to eat – raw garlic – healthy dog bone treats – oatmeal and flax-seed mush for my dog to eat…hope it helps the skin condition – beef brisket dinner (not burned and really tasty!) fresh cantaloupe

Grateful for: Special days within the month…Monday – Labor Day – getting big dog washed – early morning prayer time – gorgeous sunrises – joyful random singing out loud days…

Autumn Photo credit: decafinata via flickr

Grateful for…the coming of autumn season – thirty days this month to find gratitude…

Little surprises…old coffee pot with lid almost coming off but still works – Epsom salt foot soak to wind down a busy day – finding a shady parking stall – locating a package lost in the mail – not running over baby armadillo or the little squirrel crossing highway…

– truck hood that opens, thanks to auto mechanic who fixed it without charge – piano music – new walking shoes – petite jeans that fit in length…finally ♥ the body’s pancreas…must never abuse it with too much alcohol consumption – chrysanthemums – a healthy spinal cord

– bumping into people in town while running errands then chit-chatting to catch up on latest gossip ☺

Grateful for: Kindness found with those lending hands, passionate people…community food/spiritual outreach center – WP Support team – happiness engineers ☺ honest auto mechanics – eye doctors – Sonel’s tip to help Chuckle with dry elbow syndrome – honest used car dealers – Steve Biko’s freedom fighting work – youth pastors that inspire with genuine personalities – NEW SUBSCRIBERS  –


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

Grateful for: Convenience of modern life, entertainment and…window spray cleaner – computer printers – National Public Radio – telephone books – sharp cutting scissors – masking tape that sticks – weekly curbside trash pick-up – classic pearl jewelry designs – US Postal Service – garden clippers – BLOG life – garden hoses that do not kink up – small shoe box that house cat finds to squeeze in for a cat nap – wonderful offerings by Celestine | ReadinPleasure

…and for all of you who have stopped by, left your thoughts or just left liking a post – thank you for your valuable time. I really appreciate the support. ☼

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Never Give Up the Light of Hope

Today I spent some time thinking on Steve Biko, a South African freedom fighter, and his words on hope:

“The sense of defeat is what we are fighting against.
People must not give in to the hardship of life.
People must develop hope.”
– Steve Biko (1946-1977)

As I randomly scrolled the Internet, Oprah featured an article written Dr. Robert Leahy How to Overcome Your Feeling of Hopelessness. Dr. Leahy listed the following “litany of thoughts” and wondered how many, if any, did we keep running wild in our minds.

  • Why bother? Nothing will work out.
  • I’ll never be happy.
  • My relationship can never get better.
  • I’ll never be able to get what I want.
  • There’s no use in trying.
  • There aren’t any good men (women) left.
  • I’m too old (ugly, poor, boring, damaged, etc.)
  • I can’t compete.
  • I’m cursed. The world is against me.

I found myself saying yes to a few, oh, okay, the whole thing! Thankfully, Mr. Biko’s words inspired me to keep up the good fight and continue to develop hope for others and myself.

Taking what is popular these days, I created a quick photo quote image. I hope you can find some inspiration from it as well.hope, persistence, light, inspiration, life, fight, develop hope

It’s time to throw out the litany of troublesome thoughts,
bury the spirit of defeat
and live in the light of hope!
What do you say?