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Special 71…

summer evening –
empty swing swaying slightly

in summer swelter,
airing out dirty laundry –
friendships sway…back, forth…

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Artist: John French Sloan

— — —

Inspiration from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Special #71, write a haiku in the same tone as **Alexey Andreyev’s “Empty Swing” haiku.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Shine On Courageously

Because there will be moments when days seem so dark,
shine on courageously
Because fear will come along and dim those creative lights,
shine on courageously
Because real light is sometimes hard to find,
shine on courageously
Because new beginnings happen,
shine on courageously

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Three word resolution inspired by Trifecta – my first link up. 

Update: A special post by Katie Kurtz from e.g. a writing blog who wonderfully collected all the Trifecta three word resolution for 2014. Enjoy!

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A Toast to Abundance

oh, sweet October…
spare thy frost on yonder grapes
our sweet summer wine**

shared at the Thanksgiving meal
toasting to life’s abundance

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— — —

Inspired by Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge and Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

Style: Tan Renga, a Japanese poetry form where two writers collaborate to complete a haiku. The featured haiku from Opie Houston from Facebook:  Opie’s Poetry Friends

More wonderful related Tan Renga:

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My Life Walk

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Ever since that first wobbly step, instinctively, I walk towards a larger world. Begins within the small wooden blue frame house, family memories hang on the Navaho flat white walls. Loving home. Family time mostly centered on the television set. My first discovery, according to mom, finding delight by switching the TV set off and on. Parental reprimands, it smarted a little, but effective solution to the problem. Then the rental house on Tybee Island, short walks to visit school friends in the small neighborhood. Naturally, Cathy’s house, with the built-in pool, held the most attraction.

tuck body in
knees to the chest
splashing contest
cannonball blast

With acquired skills from days gone by, I continue. My life walk, like a mystical pilgrimage journey.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes alone, other times with companions. Interesting how the right people comes greeting at the perfect moment.

as the sun rises
we hold hands through a season
the wind whistling a tune

— — —

Written forManagua Gunn’s Cabin Fever – LĪGO HAĪBUN. This week’s writing prompts included two quotes. I chose the Algerian Proverb, “It is solved by walking.”

Style incorporated into this haibun: Along with quote prompts, a new theme, Innovation, gave writers an opportunity to use either Thanbauk, Pathya vat or stay the traditional 5-7-5 form.  I chose to attempt the Pathya vat.

– Pathya vat: a four-line, four syllable in each line and line two and three must rhyme.  It should look like…


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Left Behind

Day five on the Tan Renga November challenge. A day late posting; nevertheless, the featured haiku writer is *Sara McNulty of Purple in Portland. Her haiku poem comes first, followed by my two, seven syllable lines. Thank you, Sara!

life completes circle
at the end of the journey
death draws the last line*

taking note our legacy
that survives when we are gone

legacy, tan renga challenge, november, circle of life, writing challenge

source: Wikimedia commons

— — —

Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge

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Hear To Survive


Early morning street flurry. Rudimentary missionary town, a distant memory on a very different culture. Sunrise strikes up the usual mélange of sounds – an offbeat melodic crescendo rising to a climatic symphony – of a tenacious way of living. Food scarce. Local children, bare-skinned and lethargic. Only the strong heartbeat songs survive here. Daily my family hums to jagged bicycle bells ringing, noisy cart wheels creaking, churlish market vendors all yelling and haggling over money – stay afloat, stay alive! 

The music pauses. An accident. A tan-colored, small dog, it’s hunger pains growling louder than its bark, trails a smoky cloud of cooking meat & vegetables. Then a sputtering old motor scooter swerving sends idle bystanders shuffling off to the side – a small whimper.  

curiosity –
walks the dog to its demise
dinner bowls over flow
— — —

Inspiration: Ligo Haibun Picture Prompt Challenge. The subject of consuming dog meat as a food source in certain cultures came up in a recent discussion among my friends and me. Some said it is completely wrong, others felt it reasonable under extreme food shortage situations. What do you think?

In any case, please note, mother never (at least to my knowledge) served such a meal; however, once, while living abroad, our pet dog got hit and a family took it off thinking it was a ready-made meal. Thankfully, my father located it before their axe chopped our dog into bite size pieces. The dog survived the accident.