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Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

The is joy:

a little bit of haiku…

haiku, quozio, quotation, joy, winter, photo challenge

…and some beautiful horses standing around not minding the cold winter day.


joy, horses, pasture, photo challenge, haiku, winter, postaday

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy.

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Palette of Colours: A Tan Renga Affair

This week’s Tan Renga, Chevrefeuille host of Carpe Diem, challenges writers to complete a haiku with two, 7-7 syllable lines.

First the haiku by Atreyee @ ZebraCrossing followed by my two lines.

haiku, tan renga, writing challenge, palette of colors

palette of colours
chrysanthemums bestowing
fragrance everywhere

lingers quietly over –
a sleepy bundle of joy 

::: ::: :::

If you liked the Tan Renga challenge, be sure to drop by Carpe Diem for new challenge updates everyday.  Thank you.

Full of Springtime Gratitude

One of the joys that come with blogging is the opportunity to say thank you to blog friends that kindly bring gifts and fun games as a way to show their appreciation to your blog site.

Chuckles, Simply Charming’s blog dog writer, makes a special effort to get his big dog self up and give a note of thanks for the special awards and tag games that come this way. Well, sometimes he gets up…sometimes he prefers lounging about and yawning…hope you do not mind. Here he is…

Hey. It’s me. Chuckles. You see, I am slowly getting ready for spring season. Got my new sunglasses…you like it?Chuckles, blog dog

Okay. Now, business. First, the Illuminating Blogger Award from two beauties…

thank you, Sophia and KZ

thank you, Sophia and KZ!!

♥ Sofia Siberia*: A very busy “writer, psychic, energy healer,” Sofia shares her insights “on love, relationships, mysticism, well-being, holistic healing, esoteric and… enlightened living.”   WOW!  Read about her latest adventure…Body and Mind Well-Being: My Initiation into Natural Healing. Thank you, Sofia!

KZ: A self-proclaimed, eclectic, Blog Bling!* eccentric shopaholic and one hell of a writer/blogger. This is a fine haiku. I maybe a ram reborn…check it! Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 92 Thank you, KZ!

Next, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from another beauty and wise one…

thank you, Seeker!

thank you, Seeker!

The Seeker*: The Seeker seeks. Her words…”i seek everything. you hide & i will seek…from faith, hope, charity…Abba 2 Zen…Here 2 Now…reality 2 Divine…endless! And her Party Time! feast after 40 days of fasting!

Finally, a tag game and the Super Sweet Award

thank you, Little Binky and Granny!

Angelswhisper2011: (home of Little Binky!)

you must meet Little Binky, my BFBF (best feline blog friend) and her Granny. Not only did they bring the best dessert Awards and Coffee Break*, Little Binky’s granny is super talented. Just check Granny’s Drawings if you do not believe me.

Confession: Anyone who follows my awesome blog dog writing abilities knows I also love remaking blog awards and tag game rules. Sorrrrry. Woof!

Before I get to the rehashed rules, my nominees come from my our recent subscribers that I we would like to thank with a GROUP*HUG!

♥ GlobalInfo4All| Inspired by the Story…Famous Dog…Hachiko
♥ MJPienaar| My Only Requirement
♥ Musings&Rants: Shazza says she will rant about “God, Life” …muse about, “Movies & other randomness.” Here she shares about My Prized Possession.

Now, Chuckles revised rules* for awards and tag game:

Answer the question listed below, nominate other blog friends (if you want) and post the award logo somewhere on your blog. Oh, and send a link to the nominees so they are aware you are giving them the award and/or tag game.

Here is your question nominees to get your awards:

Name the one thing you are grateful for today (excluding this tag game/blog award.)

As for me, Chuckles, I am grateful everyday when I hear success stories about my fellow animal friends being rescued and cared for…like Silly Sit Saturday friend over at Long Life Cats and Dogs.

*if anyone nominated want the full authentic rules version for each award/tag game, just visit the above award links with the little asterisk*

Well, good day to all and remember, Chuckles wise words for today…“In all things big, little, fat (like me) beautiful, ugly… be full of thanksgiving.” Woof!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

At times, we create
With permanency in mind
Must learn to shift gears

nature, spider, web, weekly photo challenge,create,poetry,life,

See spiders create
Webs that teach how to live joy
Create, then let go


Weekly Photo Challenge: Create.