Travel theme: White

On this life journey, there are times when you need to slow down, look around and find a few things you are truly grateful that they exist in your life. In this week’s Travel theme: White, I found two white items that for one, makes my life so much neater and the other, nicely subdues my hunger pains.

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White Appreciation #1: Toilet paper

White Appreciation #1: Toilet paper.

If you are wondering what-the-heck, well, I truly appreciate and thank the Universe for both toilet paper and white rice!

We all know how vitally important toilet paper is…without it, life would be uh, one big smelly mess!

So, let us give a great shout, HOORAY, for toilet paper, and according to Joseph Gayetty, toilet paper is “the greatest necessity of the age.” Wikipedia states, in America alone, we spend on average about 2.4 billion a year!

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White Appreciation #2: White rice.

White Appreciation #2: White rice.

As much as I like to eat white potatoes, (not white bread–*ick*) a meal is never complete unless there is a scoop or two of white-hot rice! Short or long grain makes no difference; just make sure the scoops are white and not brown or wild rice.

Finally, part of this “white” theme was to honor International Peace day on September 21, 2012.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” ~Jimi Hendrix

* * *

Have you a “white” item you are truly grateful for and is part of your life journey?

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