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Salvation: Carpe Diem Imagination Affair

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salvation –
to gain your deliverance
train mind and body

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This morning I was Inspired by Buddha’s words, “Work hard to gain your own salvation,” and Carpe Diem | Imagination challenge.

Have a look at Carpe Diem and if you feel inspired, link up a haiku. The challenge is open until October 16.

Peace be with you ☼

haiku, imagination, carpe diem

Seated Man Haiku Affair

The Challenge
Chevrefeuille, host of Carpe Diem, uses a classic art piece to challenge writers in the art of haiku. He says use your imagination to create, “…a kind of painting with words.”

The Work
Oil painting by Pablo Picasso – Seated Man

One can easily see Picasso’s avant-garde spirit in the Seated Man. Releasing himself from proper rules of painting; Picasso used this freedom to return to early spontaneous, natural type of painting.

The Painting and Haiku

Egotist caught in tight web
Seated man struggles

Winds of change
Gratitude finds seated man
Oak seed germinates

What comes to your mind with the Seated Man?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

The Daily Post| Weekly Photo Challenge, as Michelle Weber explains, is to “…share what you see on the inside.”

With the coming of a new season, autumn, finding Morning Glory flowers still blooming in the early morning hours are moments I want to hold onto for just a little longer.

Inside, Photo challenge, morning glory, nature, flower, inspiration

Stooping low, I discover, nestled inside the flowering bush, a large jumping insect.

Inside, grasshopper, photo challenge, morning glory, nature, inspiration

Of course, to get my haiku fix for today:

Summer days go by
Grasshopper goes unnoticed
Fall jumps to winter


 What do you wish to hold onto before the next season changes? 

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On Chrysanthemums

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Today I discovered a few things about mums, Kiku if you speak Japanese, or the Chrysanthemum plant.

Traditionally, in the Japanese culture, the Kiku signifies the coming of autumn.

There are about forty different species of Chrysanthemums.  As for its colors, white chrysanthemums symbolizes grief, so, if you plan on flower gift giving to a love one, then the red chrysanthemum bouquet may be a better choice – it symbolizes love and affection.

Did you know, Chrysanthemums can help purify the air naturally?

By keeping potted chrysanthemums in living and work areas, it helps purify the air – especially from the well-known carcinogen, benzene. No time to waste, I must run over to the local garden center and adopt a few plants for the home and office!

I do hope the natural grocer stocks the white chrysanthemum tea. According to one article, it said the white flowers make a delicious sweet tasting tea.

Gosh. I am grateful for the Chrysanthemum plant and Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem for the inspiration.

Chrysanthemum, haiku, carpe diem challenge, beauty, nature, inspiration

rejuvenate the senses
between autumn leaves

elegant beauties
blooms bright while purifying
allures autumn home

What are your thoughts on the mum flowers? 🙂


More on Chrysanthemum Haiku:

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Never Give Up the Light of Hope

Today I spent some time thinking on Steve Biko, a South African freedom fighter, and his words on hope:

“The sense of defeat is what we are fighting against.
People must not give in to the hardship of life.
People must develop hope.”
– Steve Biko (1946-1977)

As I randomly scrolled the Internet, Oprah featured an article written Dr. Robert Leahy How to Overcome Your Feeling of Hopelessness. Dr. Leahy listed the following “litany of thoughts” and wondered how many, if any, did we keep running wild in our minds.

  • Why bother? Nothing will work out.
  • I’ll never be happy.
  • My relationship can never get better.
  • I’ll never be able to get what I want.
  • There’s no use in trying.
  • There aren’t any good men (women) left.
  • I’m too old (ugly, poor, boring, damaged, etc.)
  • I can’t compete.
  • I’m cursed. The world is against me.

I found myself saying yes to a few, oh, okay, the whole thing! Thankfully, Mr. Biko’s words inspired me to keep up the good fight and continue to develop hope for others and myself.

Taking what is popular these days, I created a quick photo quote image. I hope you can find some inspiration from it as well.hope, persistence, light, inspiration, life, fight, develop hope

It’s time to throw out the litany of troublesome thoughts,
bury the spirit of defeat
and live in the light of hope!
What do you say?
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Quote This – A B4Peace Affair

Everyday Gurus monthly peace challenge looks at quotations this month with the goal being to produce quick moments of inspiration as a reminder to continue in the practice of peaceful living. Kozo mentions our quotations may come from any source:

books quotations – poems – sayings – song lyrics – mantras – personal sayings – movie lines – scriptures – anything you heard, read, saw or created.

I find encouraging words from the scripture verse, Isaiah 52:7:

Isaiah 52;7