tan renga, november, carpe diem


Thank you to all who supported and cheered me through this Tan Renga challenge.  The wonderful part about this challenge, of course, was the opportunity to collaborate with thirty featured haiku writers and completing their haiku with two, seven-syllable lines.

It sounds easy enough – just write two lines, how hard can that be…but really, I think sometimes, if the goal is to create a similar tone to a haiku, it is far easier if you can elaborate away with many descriptive lines rather than just two little lines!

Today’s featured haiku by **Moondustwriter followed by my two, seven-syllable line finish. My mind lingered over so many countries tragically torn by wars or corrupt government ruling parties.

i hear you speak
waves tumble half a world away
conch’s song**

echoes haunting corruptions
unbearable tragedy

walking away, corruption, tan renga, echoes, haunting,

photo source: flickr

— — —

Inspiration from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge “I Hear You Speak”