I Have Been Categorizing and Tagging While Blindfolded!!

It is true; I have posted in my ignorance. This, no-excuse behavior, is equal to blogging while being blindfolded.

How this can be, you ask. Well, let me explain.

When I started blogging, like most some of you, I was like a fish out of water. Everything about blogging was new for me. (Uh, still is.!?!) Starting with the writing for an audience; the learning of the WordPress system, and prior to pressing the publish button; checking the proper category boxes and tags for the post.

Things moved in the direction I had expected, although the shaky beginning posts became worrisome when nobody came around. As you know, eventually readers came and some even chose to stay, yay, and I thank you!!!

I Think, Therefore I BLOG - (Being Normal is n...

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The blogging life was good; however, the one area that stayed so elusive to my understanding was categories and tags (C&T). The main reason is I did not educate myself on this subject, up until yesterday. As I was getting ready to put the final addition of C&Ts to my post, it suddenly dawned on me that using the same tags as my categories did not seem proper.

I dismissed my questioning mind, closed my eyes; secured the blindfold, and randomly categorized and tagged my post and hit the publish button.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Random tagging and poor categorizing truly showed my total ignorance. For example, if my post were about the current heat wave we are going through, I would check in my category boxes the following:

Post a Day 2012
Sunday Post or Weekly Photo Challenge (if applicable)

Then, for the tags, I would add words that applied to the post and then go crazy n’ wild. Here are some ‘wild’ tags I would throw in even if it did not apply to the topic in my post:

Coffee (I wanted to use this one just because I wrote the post while drinking coffee!!)

Moreover, I believe I had more tags that are random and not mentioned here that would find its way out on a published post. I would also *gasp* repeat some of the checked categories in the tag section. The classic ones were, Weekly Photo Challenge, Sunday Post and 5- Minute Friday. They would be in both my category and tag section!

This behavior was a dumb and ignorant move on my part.

Thank goodness, my fairy blog mother came by yesterday and whispered,

“Girl, you need to get some help over at WordPress Forum/Support and pronto!”

As I had expected, the message I received by my fairy blog mother’s very speedy helper, Time Thief, indicated it was time to stop posting while blindfolded and get edu-blogmacated!

Here is my question and my quick answer from forum:

Me: Is it better not to repeat a category title when tagging a post?


Don’t do it! Never use the same keyword or keyword phrase as both a category and a tag. Search engines treat the two in exactly the same way so it looks like you are spamming to them. Worse still, if you do that you will create an editing mess in your blog.”

Therefore, you all know what I spent most of my free time doing yesterday, and it is still incomplete! I am now in the process of cleaning up my category section by merging some categories into others and creating categories that are more concise and on target for each post after this.

(This is a fine example of the consequences of not having a clear mission statement formed as you begin in the blogging adventure.)

As I understood from the brief research on C&T, a category is like the table of contents of a book; it should tell your readers exactly what your blog focuses on as a good table of contents would do. For example, if my blog was about nature photography, then my categories should reflect this and not have a random category like couture fashion.

Tags, however, are words or several key words that should reflect what is in your post. I guess my choice of using the tag ‘coffee’ just because I was drinking coffee when I wrote my post can no longer find its way as a tag, unless I happen to be writing about coffee.

When tagging, stick to key words that apply to your post.

Finally, most of us want our post seen by many people, and I was in the same mind frame when I wildly attached any tags that came to my head prior to publishing. My thinking on tags were, the more you used, the better chance of exposure for your post.

Wrong. If a post has too many C&T attached to it, the post usually does not even make it into the Topic section of WordPress (fewer people finding you) and possibly, your post be considered as spam! The recommended number of C&T combined should be around 15, total.

As I slowly take off my blindfold, I am squinting from the light of all this new knowledge and I would love to hear how C&T play out in your blog life. As I continue to learn more about blogging more effectively, I have included other sites below that I find explains C&T far better than I have here.

Do you have any interesting trivia on how to handle Categories and Tags properly?

How did you go about creating your own categories for your own blog?

Hey Kid, Ya Want Some Chaw*?

Miss Juanetta, aka housekeeper/staff writer:

Ah, seriously, of course there are two kinds of people in the world…those that are sweet and charming (like me, hehe, just checking if you are paying attention!) and those that are not. I’m thinking specifically about parents who allow their minor age teenagers to share in their selfish, degrading lifestyle by allowing them to drink, to smoke and chew tobacco or the ultimate crime, to do drugs.

Why would a parent do this? I mean really?? Really?

Er, if you are such a parent please enlighten me with your wisdom about the logic behind your lax parenting style. I do attempt to keep an open mind on many issues. I promise not to roll my eyeballs up while you speak  defend your ways.

Right now, the only logical answer I can dream up is your habits are so pleasurable and addicting that it’s far easier to let junior(s) take part with you than try to stop yourself. Is that it?? Shameful.

Or maybe, in this neck of the woods, the well water we drink must affect some of the parents who seem to find nothing wrong with their behavior because….because, I know, because of poor, ignorant upbringing and contaminated well water?? Did I guess it right?

Oh Lordy! Let me tell you, my middle son WAS hanging around with a boy whom the parents actually purchased cigarettes and chewing tobacco for their thirteen year old son! Thank goodness my son no longer “hangs” with this boy and yea, I’m sure my son was trying whatever came his way. (So, kids, Aunty Juanetta is here to tell you picking good friends is mighty important. They can lead you to heaven or to hell! )

Friends can make you or break you…

With my suspicious mind a churning, I began a wicked campaign to nip my middle son’s foolish ways in the bud and plastered the refrigerator door with real photos of open mouths displaying smiles with nasty ol’ teeth and bleeding gums from former tobacco chewers. It was dang nasty! Our dentist had given his clients graphic photos of the dangers of chewing tobacco and I’m thinking Divine Providence at work or the dentist just decided to tackle the big problem he must have with all the tobacco chewers spitters living in this small community. (Ewww, I feel for my dentist and what pain he must go through when working in a mouth soooo disgus ,  I won’t say it.)

And if this middle son decides he wants to take up smoking cigarettes, I may have to enlarge this:

I’ve been raised by my chicken parent(s)….guess I’ll grow up to be a chicken. Oops, did I just think that?

So, of course, there are two kinds of people in this world, those that choose to parent with care and those who, either from ignorance or selfishness, choose not to care for the well-being of their children.

What do you think about teenagers being encouraged by their parents to smoke, drink or chew tobacco? On the other hand, were you a teen being raised in similar fashion?

Right, wrong or it didn’t matter?

Drop your thoughts down below…

and have a happy writing kinda day,


Miss Juanetta aka housekeeper/staff writer

* * *

*Chewing tobacco like Redman, Copenhagen etc.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Inspiration for this short story: Daily WP #326 Finish this sentence: there are two kinds of people in the world….