At The Crossroads

At the blogging crossroad, Whispers (that imaginary voice occupying space inside the mind) said, “So lazy creature, what have we here? Are ya going down the right path to continue or to the left, just disappear?”

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“To the right,” she said.


“Yes, really and look, I’ve signed up at Blogging 101,” she said.

“Damn, amazing.”

“To save time,” she said, “I’ve combined days , like Day one the assignment was to write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog and Day six, to create and publish your About page, then either adapt it into a widget on your home page or add it to your menu…and since I’ve blogged for at least a billion years, I just did some minor tweaking, see: Behind this Blog.

“Wow, so talented. Multi-tasking, said Whispers.”

“Now for Day two’s assignment, Edit your title tagline. Here is the updated, more streamlined look: picmonkey 2015

…and for Day three: Follow five new topics in the Reader and five [two] new blogs. 

In a Lonely Place Encounters with Film. I liked this blogger’s idea of watching films and delving more deeply into the production. If you think about all the time, effort and money behind the making of these movies, it makes sense that an audience member should spend quality time reflecting.

Halsted M. Bernard, writer living in Edinburgh. Definitely like how this writer journals her days. I love the idea!

Okay. Next couple of days. Fail.

Day four: Publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.   Save for another day, I need more time to think.  

Day five: Try out at least three other themes – even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.  Maybe later, but most likely not in the near future. “


Until next time, cheers! ☼

Blogging Inspiration: Daily Tasks | Blogging 101: The Commons.

Photo source: Flickr, artist, Carsten Tolkmit

Hot Summer, Think Camel

Summer temperatures soaring
and a huge avalanche
of sweat
rains down,
down over my largest human integumentary organ,
my skin,
it’s drenched.

Fanning away the passionate embrace
of this current heat wave,
the camel,
the mammal,
comes to mind.




There are the one-hump Dromedary camels,
the two-humped Asian or Bactrian camels
and a famous brand, the Camel cigarettes.

I rather like the Dromedary camel myself,
marveling at these
social mammals the camels,
who live in groups called flocks,
a caravan,
a train
or a herd . . .
in the hot desert, yes,
also in zoos!

The filtered and unfiltered, Camels,
they live in small packs. Ha!

Camel cigarettes, camel, mammals, desert, summer heat

Photo source: Wikimedia Common, artist Indiana jo

Common camel greeting,
when they meet,
— involves blowing in each other’s faces

Camel, Dubai Hello you.

I said HELLO!!

And when aggravated,
or scared,
the camel will spit!
Sure, why not, yes?
Spit, it’s always handy so,
please, camel, cough up some stomach content,
mix in some spit and fire away.

That should teach opponents
not to mess with the camels.

Camel Drinking Water in the Desert

One last note:
camels eat cardboard

Blogger Milukiriu captured this odd phenomenon
on video. Check it:

“If you love, love the moon; if you steal, steal a camel.” – Egyptian Proverb


~ Inspiration source: Wahiba Sands, Oman @

~ Photo sources: 1. Bedouin kissing camel,  Flickr, artist, Vitch; 2. Young camel drinking bottled water close to Red Sea, Flickr, artist, Alexander Witt 3. Close-up camel face, Flickr, artist, Andy Hayes



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Oh, Lucky You!

The year is 2214, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.  Buyers, Beware? | The Daily Post.

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On Samantha’s Blog

Samantha‘s updated blog post:

Hey guys! Well, visiting with daddy before school starts the next week. Second day. Let’s see…oh, yes, nudged awake too early this morning by drifting waves of coffee brewing, bacon frying, and NPR Tom Ashbrook’s On Point, a news analysis program blaring away. #ilovemydaddysomuch!

You may know my father, if you follow my blog, being a writer, he loves collecting antique writing memorabilia. He does!

Look. An antique desk handed down from his grandfather.

Daddy still writes all his stories in longhand using this desk.

Way cool, huh?

So, let‘s catch up again tomorrow, okay? #Muahh!


Inspiration comes from Friday Fictioneers with a weekly photo prompt starting on Wednesday.

The idea? To write a 100-word story, link up, and then enjoy the wonderful stories from this thriving writing community. #jointheFFfun! 🙂

Photo source: Jan Wayne Fields




Menu Order #17

So, I found some willpower to stop my reading of Stephen King’s book, Under the Dome, and noticed Tanaga, an ancient Filipino poetry form featured at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

Jen from Blog It of Lose It, the featured Carpe Diem Ghost-Writer, explains:

“Tanaga has been dying out in its native language, Tagalog… [and] cultural groups encourage Tanagas written in English in an attempt to reach new audiences and keep the form alive.”

It’s always a neat thing to keep a dying art form alive, yes?

The Tanaga, like the English haiku, counts syllables to a four line pattern. That is, four lines with seven syllables in each line, BUT, whoa, wait a second…the Tanaga also holds a rhyming pattern!

Traditionally the rhyming followed the AABB pattern but rules change and you may see a variety of patterns such as, ABAB, ABBA, and AAAB and so on…

Now let me attempt a Tanaga with today’s prompt, Frog, using the AABB rhyme scheme; and of course, I remember seeing live frogs for sale (poor things) in buckets and in fish tanks down in Chinatown.

What else could I think of but…????

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Menu Order #17

Unfortunate conditions
for frogs on exhibition –
Destined for the gourmet dish,
Froggy Legs with Jellyfish!


:::: :::: ::::

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons| Flickr: Mo Riza

 *And is anyone else experiencing the annoying problem of WordPress constantly logging out every few minutes (Session Expired) or is it just me? hmm…. 😐

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Ahh, No…

Your twice-divorced co-worker, mid forties, former model,
– Three children with first hubby,
– Two rescue dogs with number two…

“Sure, try something new,” I answer.

“You’re right, “she said, “My new boyfriend, he’s twenty-five.”

That wasn’t what I meant.

— — —

Inspiration: Trifecta – the challenge, to write 33 words and then tag on the five last words: “That wasn’t what I meant.”

So, 33 words + the five = 38 grand total.