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A Tan Renga Affair – “just a kiss”

This week’s Carpe Diem | Tan Renga Challenge offers a haiku written by Wabi Sabi. The goal is to finish the haiku with two, 7-7 syllable lines. Continue reading

Chuckles on Blog Awards: Go Ahead and ‘Jump’ with Van Halen!

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Yep, it is time again for Chuckles, aka the blog-dog writer to lead you to some wonderful bloggers but before we go on,  Continue reading



Way Back Wednesday Feature Post:
Honor by Dash of Martini.
These photos took me back to a special time when a very dear elderly friend had also shared his memories about Pearl Harbor. I could almost see my friend in many of the photos and my heart missed those treasured moments. Today, December 7, let us remember the sacrifices many of the people (both military and civilians) endured in Hawaii and our nation as well.
Thank you Dash of Martini and all who serve(d) in our Military….we honor you.