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Snowflakes and Kisses! Happy 2014!

Because my internet connection is having a rough day, not loading anything complete and/or taking so long just to load a page, let me put aside my original last day of December post and leave this wonderful thought here before I go and hibernate in a warm spot with a good book and a glass of wine…

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I hope to catch up with you all next year. Thank you for a wonderful 2013

peace, love and ☼hugs


Photo Copyright-Rich Voza

So this is heaven, thought Stevie. Really, not at all like she thought it would be.

“Hello? Hell–OO…Anyone here? Angels, you here?”


Why did mama always say, “Heaven is the place you need to aim your pretty little eyes up to, Stevie. Never take them eyes off heaven, ya hear?”

“Yea, mama, I will.”

Suddenly, as Stevie walked towards the end of the hall, she felt the loss of her hearing as the cold steel silence began to press firmly against both ears.

“Mama, this heaven is scaring me. You here mama? Please open your door.”

“I desperately need you.”

* * *

This 100-word story is my first entry for the Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Thanks for sharing some time with me today.

Peace be with you. 🙂

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Favorite Parent Awards…


I want to believe that I have one foot planted here on earth and the other securely

HEAVENplanted on the gold lined streets of Heaven.

Heaven means to be one with God.

As some of my readers know, I see things usually in percentages. A weird habit that keeps me pondering and weighing on many things. For example, if you ask me who is my favorite parent, the percent calculator in my brain begins to tick and the answer spills out 50% in favor for my Daddy and 50% for Mommy and 100% in favor of my spiritual Father.

My earthly Daddy earned his 50% favorite parent award because:

  • his contribution of genetic material to produce me :))

    Construction worker

  • his tireless effort to keep his family well fed, clothed, sheltered and his children well-educated and entertained–I am very grateful
  • his work ethics that included hard work and rarely ever using sick days off
My earthly Mommy earned her 50% favorite parent award because:
  • her contribution of genetic material to produce me and 9 months in a private suite– 😉
  • her lifelong effort to keep her family well fed, clothed and trained in proper manners and self-control

    That's My Mommy

  • her motherly love that protected and nurtured and had no limit…..
The big 100% favorite parent award will always be given to the Master Creator of all things because, well, without Him where would we be?

Heaven visited me

Thanks to Post a Day #292 for this inspiration.