In Honor of King Kamehameha…

King Kamehameha Day, event, holiday, celebration, statue, Hawaii, Oahu, royalty

–King Kamehameha statue
photo credit: Wikipedia

Cyber traveling is a fun way to discover about state holidays here in the United States.

My blogging sister, Caddo Veil, inspired me over to the state of Hawaii, for their annual June 11, public holiday, King Kamehameha Day. Now, it looks like a word too complicated to pronounce but if you break it up into parts like this: Ka-me-ha-me-ha, and use only short vowel sounds, you will sure to get it right.

This holiday honors Kamehameha, the great because he was the first royalty to unite all the Kingdom of Hawaii. Prior to his smart move, all the islands functioned individually.

Every year there is the big King Kamehameha Day parade with beautiful floats covered with flowers, lots of music, dancers, school bands and of course, parade horses. In Hawaii, the parade horses carry Pau riders, who are women chosen from each Hawaiian island and the horse they ride is covered with flowers in the form of leis.

Pau rider, Princess of Maui, King Kamehameha Day, holiday, celebration, event

Princess of Maui
–Photo credit: Rosa Say

I love any holiday, especially if it means getting a day off from work!

Hawaii polynesian cultural centre, King Kamehameha Day, holiday, celebration, event

Happy King Kamehameha Day!!
–Photo credit: Wikipedia

What public holiday does your state or country celebrate?