The Way of St. James

Opening the old latch on the rusty metal Spanish Gate, the pilgrim steps meditatively forward. His own heartbeat thumps in exciting rhythms. So many years in prayer hoping to walk The Way of St. James pilgrimage. Finally, the answered prayer. He imagines the historical footsteps marching along the path. First, the Roman invaders knee-deep in snow, trudge along as commanding leaders, Charlemagne and Napoleon, follow; bringing up their stomping armies from the rear. The bright orange-yellow sunlight obscures the horizon and then, a real voice echoes with surprise into his ears.

HELLO! a guide shouts
in the early morning fog –
thirty holy days

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Inspiration: Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Special – Pilgrimage to Santiago De Compostela or The Way of St. James.

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Camping Event

A journal entry dated June 1908: Vanavara Trading Post, Siberia, the best breakfast spot with unlimited hot coffee. Who would think, way out in a remote part of the world, travelers and local inhabitants mingle over breakfast special number seven, two large eggs, over easy with slices of thick ham and real buttered toast? Written details left behind preserves a first account witness on the largest impact event on Earth. Like this one: Tunguska event. Sudden bright flash in the early morning northern sky, intense heat so hot some women cried, “It’s the end of the world! “ Then, thunderous sounds much like an artillery barrage interrupt breakfast. Grandfather, his wife and two sons. Violent earth-shaking. Windows shatter, tables, chairs, dishes and unsteady elderly people knocked to the ground.

No human fatalities, only 80 million trees lost.

fire in the sky
meteor phenomenon
camping one summer

Tunguska event, Siberia, haibun, haiku, writing challenge, camping, summer

Tunguska Event

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Inspiration:  An historical fiction haibun on the  Tunguska Event for the Ligo Haibun Challenge. This week, a word prompt challenge – Siberia or South America. 

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Broken Tradition

“There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.” – Erma Bombeck

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Mother was never big on holidays or any type of celebrations, really. I remember one Christmas she actually put up a tree display. Her holiday version, a small bare branch from an unspecified tree. On the thrift shop black wooden four-drawer hall table, simplicity stuck firmly in a metal, two-pound ground coffee can. Year after year, the plain branch became beautiful.

My sister and I carefully hang homemade ornaments.

scissors and glue
and cut out paper snowflakes
glitter magic

With sand, a few stabilizing rocks, it became the only Christmas tree I can ever remember. It was not that we were financially poor. My father was a good provider. There must have been other years we had real Christmas trees with every red, gold and silver ornament embracing the branches but only one remains fondly in my memory – the little branch tree. It makes me smile.

breeze of yesterday
jostle the evergreen tree
a broken tradition

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Inspiration from Managua Gunn’s Cabin Fever – LĪGO HAĪBUN quotation prompt challenge. Photo source:

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This old flat never gets above seventy degrees. My living space – an icebox, but not a freezer, thankfully. Nature’s valium – winter. I seek only a quiet warm refuge when temperatures hover at nine degrees steady. My solace betwixt blue and white snowflake flannel sheets and white downy comforter.

marimba alarms
hit snooze button before dawn
late for work again

I crawl out; make coffee and slowly shake off the goose bumps with a quick enclosure into another warm cave, fur-lined hooded jacket, boots, and gloves. Winter’s sedation wearing off. The frigid view outside jostles my acute pain over my relationship with mother.  I call and hear her surprise hello greet me.

at day break
fragile icicles melting
infusing new life

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Inspired by Ligo Haibun Challenge – Image Week – Managua Gunn’s Cabin Fever. Photograph comes from Managua’s first pen pal, Marina – her view from her flat in Kazan, Tatarstan.

In closing, I leave this wonderful quote by Christy Turlington that also reminds me to value each moment…each relationship…

“It is possible to experience an awakening in this life through realizing just how precious each moment, each mental process, and each breath truly is.” 

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Ready, Set, Action!

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Ready, set, go! I rush up ten stairs, already late, turn left, take three short steps – scramble quick up the next eleven stairs. Just another weekday rehearsal for Deadwood Dick, or the Game of Gold. The theater, small, very old and probably built over a hundred years ago.

Top of the step, as I catch my breath, a strong aroma inundates me.

Not at all offensive, but rather, an enjoyable nostalgic scent. My eyes close and I inhale – the old west. Two weary settlers, with powdery red dirt across their weather line faces, shuffle in old worn leather boots.

strong tobacco cloud
continues to drift in time
coughs the building walls

I remember reading this building once bustled as a popular saloon, with red velvety wallpaper, a swinging bar room door, and a don’t-shoot-the-piano player in the left corner of the room.

bar gals in ruffles
entertains gold rush miners
cards and whiskey shots

The director’s booming voice! I snap quick back to reality. He moves his cast of eighteen across the stage in logical order – his chess pieces. Feisty Calamity Jane (not me) idly chats with Chet – her Man Trap Saloon bartender. Center stage, evil Black ’n Red kidnaps my beautiful long-lost stage daughter, Lily.  Eventually, I, and my burly stage husband, Sheriff Loveless, and host of others, perfect scenes, and at long last – family reunited.

The final day, in vintage western costumes, our last director’s cue line: Break-a-leg!

opening night
spotlights on Wild Bill and Ned
gunfight with villain

Show after show, the audiences hail the performances a success, though, seems nothing good can last. Fatigue or stress?  Calamity and Blackburn, real life hotheaded couple begin to unravel between acts. Dressing room, another drama unfurl – accusations and denial of unfaithfulness.

Camaraderie between cast members wanes.

Without stand ins, the director desperately calls for order. But with focus broken, I begin to feel the parch of the desert, dropping line after line. The final blow comes when others succumb and we all stumble desperately in the heat of the spotlight.

too many pauses
stirs audience to wonder –
is this Death Valley?

— —

Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” – Sallust

Inspiration: Ligo Haibun Challenge | Quote Week and a bit more of a challenge added…come up with a Haibun with a minimum of 345 words, inclusive.